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SHERLOCK Fic Rec List - 1 of ?



Electric Pink Hand Grenade - CC AU,  H/C, Sick!Sherlock

“If Sherlock’s brain is a hard drive, then these attacks are an electro-magnetic pulse.”

Sherlock Holmes does not do anything by half, not even a migraine. It falls to John to witness one of the greatest minds he has ever known tear itself apart, and he must do his best to help Sherlock pick up the pieces.


Midnight Blue Serenity - CC AU, UST, Case Fic, H/C

“This was like nothing John had ever thought to associate with Sherlock: stubble, skin-tight jeans and three small silver rings gleaming at the crest of one ear. It was unbelievable, like stepping into an alternative universe, and John couldn’t stop staring.”

When Sherlock infiltrates a club in order to track down a serial killer, his altered appearance is enough to make John question his assumption that Sherlock is beyond his reach. However, is he the only one who appreciates his flatmate’s charms, or is Sherlock at risk of becoming the next victim?


Shatter the Darkness (Let the Light In) - Genie!Sherlock, AU, Dark Magic, Torture, Intrigue

Fairy tales are for those who remember how to dream; not John Watson, broken and hiding from his bleak future in a beige bedsit. But then he discovers a lamp and finds himself in the dangerous riptide of an enigmatic man whose very existence is unbelievable, murder charges against his sister, and the growing pains of feeling alive once more.


Corpus Hominis - Case Fic

John knows the human body intimately. He’s had plenty of opportunity for study as a doctor, soldier, and lover. There’s one particular body, however, he knows very little about. When Sherlock launches himself head-first into a new obsession and they get sent on a case in an unlikely location, the pair discovers each other’s bodies with confusing yet delightful (and sometimes hilarious) results.


❖ ♥ Loosed Reins - Case Fic, UST, Banter, H/C

“You’ve stuffed an entire body into the fridge this time,” John accused. “What happened to the milk? The leftover risotto? My bloody jam?”

Sherlock opened his eyes at that. “As a doctor, it should be readily apparent to you that there is only a partial body in our refrigerator. Popular horror stories notwithstanding, it’s rare for an entire corpse to fit into one this size. I had to cut it up into several parts to pack it in, and there is still only seven eighths of it there.”

John stared at the ceiling. “That’s… not better.

Sequel: Torn Stitches


The Thing Is - Case Fic, Developing Relationship

The problem with living with Sherlock, John thought, was that you never, never, ever knew the significance of anything.  Like your flatmate’s nose buried in your hair.  Whilst you’re in bed.


What Meets The Eye - Amnesia, One-Shot

Amnesia is just another case to solve. Piece together unfamiliar faces, reconstruct the old identity, the lost reality. A challenge that Sherlock could even enjoy. He can read people like books. The man with the silver hair is his boss. The tottering old woman, his landlady. The girl with the worried look in her eyes…infatuated. And as for John Watson? His husband. Obviously.


A Small Miscalculation - Case Fic, Kid!Lock, H/C, Cracky

Thanks to Sherlock’s inability to resist satisfying his curiosity, he’s been turned into a small child of about seven (or five, depending on who you’re asking) years old. Rather than let Sherlock be taken to a laboratory, John volunteers to look after him. After all, he’s had to look after a man-child, how hard can a child-child be?

Poor John. He has no idea.

[Features paternal!Lestrade in small doses and eventual Johnlock after Sherlock grows up again –and a very disturbing Mummy Holmes]


To Light Another’s Path - Sick Fic, H/C

Teaching John to observe seems to be a losing battle, but when Sherlock falls ill and submits himself to John’s care, will he realise that there is more to life than the science of deduction? Meanwhile, there is a murder to solve, and John must try and convince Sherlock not to sacrifice his own health for the sake of the case. Eventual John/Sherlock Hurt/Comfort case fic. Post the Great Game

(Warning to fellow emetophobic folks; this fic contains descriptions of the flu and some incidences of vomiting)


The Adventures of a Single Girl in London - S3 Fix-It Fic

Sherlock Holmes keeps choosing flatmates who fancy themselves to be bloggers.


An Acquired Taste - Vampire!Sherlock

At Montague Street when Sherlock was forced to sate his body’s needs, he was at least able to wander about the flat as much as he pleased. At Baker Street, it was mini-bags in a mini-fridge and bedroom confinement.


The Ground Beneath Your Feet - PTSD, H/C, Canon Divergence & AU

“Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.“   –Sherlock has severe PTSD and injuries. He and John work through it.


The Adventure of the Silver Scars - Case Fic, Slow Burn, Canon Divergence

It’s been thirteen months since Mary shot Sherlock in the chest and John finds he’s still pissed off about it. Sherlock had thought everything was settled: John and Mary, domestic bliss. But when John turns up at Baker Street with suitcases, the world’s only consulting detective might not be prepared for the consequences. A new case. Some old scores to settle. Certain danger. Concertos, waltzes, and whisky.


Little Wee - CRACK, Under 5K

John and Sherlock compare penis sizes…  because why not.


The Gilded Cage - A/B/O Verse, Omega!Sherlock, Alpha!John

Omegas are the property of the elite Alphas, locked away and treasured by those wealthy enough to buy them, John never questioned his flatmate’s secondary gender. Sherlock Holmes was an Alpha through-and through.

Wasn’t he?

A chance discovery turns the world on its head, and John is left grappling to come to terms with Sherlock’s past as events conspire to threaten their future.

((I am not a fan of A/B/O AUs as a rule, but I liked the author’s other works, so I gave it a try and, I have to say, it is a fantastic read!))


5687 (Approximately) - AU, Soldier!John

When John’s leave request for Christmas is denied, Sherlock is nothing short of devastated, not that he’s letting it show. The holiday season now something he’s just waiting to end, Sherlock doesn’t think anything can possibly make it worse. That is, until he realizes no one in his life believes his army “boyfriend” is even real, but, luckily, everyone is in for a surprise.


In A Changing Age - Canon Divergence (CD)

Sherlock wakes up in the 19th century, with no idea how he got there.


A Question of Identity - CD, Case Fic, Original Characters

The observations of an amnesiac murder witness force John to rethink his assumptions about Sherlock, himself, and the definition of love. Meanwhile, a murderer is still on the loose …


Of Silver Scars and Golden Sunlight - PTSD, Hurt/Comfort

John starts to speak and falters. His voice is still calm, steady as steel, but there’s a thread of anxiety running through it now. “Sherlock - when I ran my fingers through your hair - was that a scar, along your hairline?”


While I’m Away - Fluff, Humor, First Kiss, Phone Sex

Sherlock is upset when John signs up for a month-long medical class at the University of Edinburgh Medical School. He comes up with rather…unique ways to convince John to come home. Spoiler alert: they don’t exactly work.


Wars We Fought, Things We’re Not - Fake/Pretend Relationship

“Oh come, John. Could be fun,” Mycroft taunts, accompanied by an eyebrow arch he’s gotten far too good at. “Besides, it’s not as if it’s your first time pretending to be a couple.”

Five months after John’s world has fallen apart, Mycroft sends the consulting detective and his doctor on a case that neither is prepared for.


MR#1430155 - Hurt/Comfort, Under 5K

John paces the length of the not inconsiderable hallway and glances at his phone for the tenth time since he exited the hospital room seven minutes ago.

Sherlock’s last text was sent at 5:06pm. It is now 5:39pm. He should be here by now. After all, his daughter is 46-minutes-old and if John is going to share this momentous event with someone, it sure as hell isn’t going to be the woman who just gave birth to her.



The first time John Watson’s emergency contact is called is the first time Sherlock Holmes finds out that he has the job.


Back to the Start - Fluff, Pining

Sherlock hasn’t played the violin since John’s wedding (which is long since over), and when John returns to 221B, Sherlock relearns the violin as he and John relearn each other. Post S3 fic with an obscene amount of pining, idiocy, and attempts to pawn off tea duties.


Living Sculptures - Post S3 Fix It, Hurt/Comfort, Victorian, Drugs

The reality of cocaine toxicity gives rise to more fantasy.

(Continuing from the last scene in TAB, Sherlock slips in and out of his alternate universe.)


Unexpected Effects - Telepathy, Telepathic Sex, “Science”

After his return, Sherlock begins an experiment involving orchids. His objective: to make his mind work better - but he begins ‘hearing’ unexpected things. John is torn between his anger at Sherlock and his secret feelings.


A Promise Made to Be Broken - Fake/Pretend Relationship, Pining, Case

A young John makes an ‘if we’re still single at 40, we’ll get together’ pledge to a woman who ends up all wrong for him. She keeps reminding him of the promise, and won’t let go of it. John asks Sherlock to pose as his boyfriend at a family wedding, so as to dash her hopes permanently. Sherlock, who has at last acknowledged his feelings for John, reluctantly agrees despite knowing how painful it will be to ‘have’ John, but not keep him.


The Heart In The Whole - Blind!Sherlock, Virgin!Sherlock, TBI, Canon Divergence, H/C,

Events after 'The Great Game’ leave Sherlock dependent on his best friend and colleague. But John has a secret of his own…


Snow, Tea, and Solitude - Under 5k

John was on holiday: a week or so of peace, a roaring fire, nicely aged Scotch, brisk Highland walks and no sulky, bored consulting pain in the arse in sight. Maybe the cottage wasn’t as idyllic as he imagined and the weather was awful, but there was no way he was proving Sherlock right and running home after only two days.


The Beast of Baskerville - Medieval AU

15th Century/fairy tale AU. An invalided John Watson comes to the isolated village of Baskerville seeking shelter with his sister, only to become embroiled in a grisly murder. As the villagers point to a local werewolf legend, the odd but brilliant friar, Brother Sherlock, disagrees and soon he and John are on the the trail of a murderer. Captivated by the enigmatic friar, John finds himself struggling with his illicit feelings for the celibate man of God.


Hindsight - Injured!Sherlock, Blind!Sherlock, H/C

Sherlock is seriously injured during a case. John is there to support him as he struggles to cope with the changes this injury causes to his life. Despite set-backs, this newfound level of intimacy gradually draws them even closer together, bringing their already close relationship to the next level.


Sherlock and the Cat -  Under 5k

Amazing how something so small can be so big.


Almost Normal - Angst, Fluff,

John is inscrutable, Sherlock is out of his depth, everything is done in the wrong order, and yet somehow they end up with something almost normal.


Bedside Manners - Under 5k, Original Character POV

Coming on to night shift was no different as far as Maggie was concerned than a daytime one. Oh, she knew that plenty of other nurses hated the night shift, had trouble sleeping, dealing with the ruckus of the drunken patients but it had never bothered her. The only really difference for Maggie was her caffeine intake and that increased plenty as the night went on.


Ghost Stories - Holmes Family, Bed-Sharing, Christmas

Sherlock’s parents think he and John are a couple. They might be onto something.


Bent - Realizations, Case Fic

Sherlock straightens a poker. Something in John’s mind snaps.

For all fans of The Speckled Band.


There’s Always Three of Us - S4 Fix It, Rosie, Fluff, First Kiss, Under 5k

Sherlock takes John and Rosie out to Angelo’s and gets a chance to correct the biggest mistake of his life.


The Lingering Taste of Orange Juice -  Pining!Sherlock, Miscommunication

Sherlock felt the familiar heat surge in his abdomen again at the touch: hope strung taut between head and heart as in all the quiet moments between them, when Sherlock sometimes got the clues all mixed up and thought maybe John felt something too.


For once, Sherlock is the idiot.


Pattern Behaviour - First Person POV

Sherlock doesn’t even know why he resents John’s dates so much. Until the day he does know.

As a rule, I don’t like to read First Person POV and will very much avoid it, however this fic managed to catch my interest and keep it despite being first person.


What He’s Like - Under 5k, Fluffy, Inexperienced!Sherlock, First Time

“I’m so in love with you,” John says, a statement of fact. “I will never not be in love with you.”

Realistic first time. They love each other so much.


High Tide - Jealous!Sherlock

A little favour Sherlock stupidly agrees to do for Mycroft leads to John meeting a handsome, affluent man, who is going out of his way to woo him. Sherlock struggles with the situation and with his own reactions to it.



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