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Yule Letter 2017

Dearest Yuletide Writer,

HAPPY YULETIDE! I can't believe how fast time flies! Thank you in advance for writing my fic. This will be my third year participating in Yuletide and, while I feel like I am beginning to get the hang of things, I did actually miss the nominations this year which was DEVASTATING! Luckily, three of the five things I was thinking of noming ended up being nommed. Whew!!

I've learned that this can definitely be a challenging (though very rewarding) endeavour, especially during such a busy time of year. So, I super appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and try to come up with a little fic just for me! This is so exciting!
I hope that you'll enjoy writing my request and will feel free to let your creative juices flow during the process.



Shetland (TV)
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Do Not Want

  • vomitting / sick / cancer

  • porn without plot

  • rape / non con

  • unfaithfulness

  • bdsm

  • mpreg

  • gender swap

  • body swap

  • incest

  • underage

  • sex toys

  • orgies

  • hard kinks


Shetland (TV)

Ship: Jimmy Perez x Duncan Hunter

I just adore the tone of this tv series. From the beautiful Shetland landscapes, to the theme music, to the way they handle... well, pretty much everything, I just adore this tv series. Jimmy has to be my most favourite character. The more I see of him, the more I just love and admire the character. One thing that really stands out to me is the relationship between Jimmy and Duncan.

These two men are quite different, coming at life from different view points, with such different personalities. I love how, while being so contrasting in many ways, they manage to be rather united in their raising of Cassie. There's none of this soap opera, CW bullshit involved with her custody eventhough Duncan is her birth father and Jimmy is her dad. They just try their best with her. Jimmy can be a bit judgemental, a bit severe, but he is such a deep well of emotion, of caring. He is a protector and such a great example of a real hero. Duncan, he loves her and I really appreciate how he doesn't let pride or jealousy get in the way.

For a fic, I'd really love to see something that focuses on Jimmy and Duncan's relationship.
Id like to see something fairly canon compliant, but where their relationship is just a wee bit... more. I think there a different opinions of what their relationship might look like were they ever to go there. Personally, through the magic of shipping and fanfiction, I could totally see them moving from where they are in the tv series to a full-out committed romantic and sexual relationship --but I wouldn't want to see anything that would get anywhere near rough or overly experiemental sexually.

I could also see something that stays bit closer to where they are in canon...
I really like the idea of exploring a relationship with a more non-traditional set of parametres. Something where they are connected by Cassie, but moreso than canon. Something where the relationship never gets anywhere where they would question their sexualities, but where it also is obviously a hell of a lot more than two hetero dudes with joint custody of a child. I'd love to see a relationship where a non-sexual intimacy has developed through working together over the years as the parents of Cassie. They care about each other, they support each other, they argue, they agree, they learn each others' strengths and weaknesses, they find joy in each other's company. And perhaps Duncan stays with Jimmy instead of moving back out to try again with Mary. Perhaps their relationship turns unspokenly into something of committment, something that fills their loneliness, something that has turned out to be all they need, but not ever something of a sexual nature... or maybe a super slow burn and it does eventually manifest in a sexual nature, too. I'm just not interested in a sudden UST fuck and/or this whole 'omagerd am I gay/bi?' moment.

It might be cute to have a story from the point of view of a new comer to the island asking what the deal is with Jimmy and Duncan. They're dads together? Are they together? What!? And everyone is all "they're just Jimmy and Duncan". Like this relationship is something that everyone in the community kind of just came to accept as being uniquely "Jimmy and Duncan" over time and no one local really questions it anymore... it just is what it is.

Or, alternatively, I'd love some lovely romantic intimacy times between Jimmy and Duncan. Maybe something a little Hurt/Comforty --but not something too angsty and nothing to do with being sick with stomach flu or anything that makes a person throw up. Maybe something fluffy. I'm all about the slow burn, about the tentative firsts, about loyalty and comfort... that sort of stuff is just CRACK to me. I will eat that right up!!! I'm fine with other characters from the show being involved and fine with made up characters. Everything aside, I'm sure that if you love these characters like I do, whatever you end up writing will be something I super enjoy reading. Thanks so much for adding more fanfic to this little fandom!

If you're a big Shetland fan like me, you've probably noticed there's a painful lack of Shetland related posts on tumblr. I've been posting screencaps this past summer to my tumblr...


Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Ship: Dirk Gently x Todd Brotzman

Our brand new little DGHDA fandom has been growing over the past year. I bet at the rate it is growing that it won't even be available to nom at Yuletide for 2018!  I really love the show! I love the characters, the tone, the shenanigans, and how everything is beautifully and frightfully connected. Some fics that I've read and have ADORED are The Dolphin Paradox and The Furthest City Light and... well, a buuuunch of others... this new little fandom has a lot of talented writers.

I'd like to have some really fun prompts lined up to put here since this is my chance to actually prompt something I specifically want to see written, but the truth is, I'm not sure what exactly I want with this request. I really like canon divergent and I feel like we have a lot of options  of directions to go what with the collective madness that is Douglas Adams and Max Landis and the show itself. I really love all the characters, so I am very happy to see plenty of them also included in the story. I really enjoy slow burns, ust, pining, loyalty, fake relationships..etc.  I like fic where the couple are getting together or get together at the end more than I like established relationship fic. Dirk and Todd both need love and I'd love something soft for them. I would love something hurt/comfort, something tentative and sweet.  I'm not a huge fan of smut for smut's sake.



Ship: Nathan Young x Simon Bellamy

NATHAN IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE!! But, I love him so, so, so, so much. I love his sass and his crass remarks. I honestly tried to continue watching the show once he left, but I just couldn't. It was no fun without Nathan. If I could have some sort of s1 (or even s2) canon divergent fic where Nathan and Simon somehow come together, that would be amazing! I think something where Nathan realizes he picks on Simon so much because he has a crush on the dude. Maybe Nathan is completely self-aware about that fact that he is pansexual, or maybe Nathan struggles with this sudden realization that he isn't straight. Either way, he realizes he has it bad for the quiet, weird little dude. Now he's gotta find a way to "woo" Simon without the rest of the group realizing? Is he worried that they'll scoff at him for being into Simon? Or maybe he's totally forthright with it all once he realizes... like he's annoyingly open about it. How does Simon respond? Is Simon embarrassed by intrigued? Is Simon interested at all? What's gonna happen?? Oh, and here's the thing, while I think Nathan is hilarious and the way he teases Simon is so funny at times, I truly am not into them having an abusive relationship. So, you might need to soften Nathan a bit in his shenanigans.

AHHH thank you so much for offering Misfits! I am super looking forward to reading whatever you end up writing. Thaaank you!

Thank you, sweet Yule writer!
I hope you have a fun and creative Yuletide season!


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