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Derek Doth Protest

Title: Derek Doth Protest
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles / Derek
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 732
Summary: Derek is stuck babysitting

PROMPT: After some sort of altercation with a magical baddie, Stiles is completely loopy and out-of-his-mind. They can't take him home or his dad'll find out and worry, so Derek is elected to babysit.

“Why here?” asked Derek even as he stepped aside so Scott and Isaac could half-help, half-drag a loopy, smiley, foreign version of Stiles into his loft through the large sliding door. He wanted to say ‘NOT here’, but he already knew the why of it which was that they had no other options.

He frowned and crossed his arms over his chest despite knowing it probably made him look like a petulant child. He didn’t want to house Stiles, the kid was a spazz on his good days. This was not one of his good days. But they couldn’t take Stiles home. They had explicitly promised his dad no supernatural shenanigans that night in order to even be allowed to take Stiles with them. And they couldn’t take him to Scott’s as Melissa would surely report back to the Sheriff the moment she laid eyes on Stiles in his current condition. Lydia was out of town. Peter was absolutely out of the question, even if he had offered. So… That left Derek.

Damn. Stiles needed more friends.

Derek’s frown only grew as he watched Scott and Isaac try to walk Stiles over to his couch. The boy had an arm over each wolf’s shoulders, a goofy grin on his face, and glassy, unseeing eyes. The way he held himself gave the impression that all his ligaments had been replaced with stretched-out elastic bands, his movements more gangly and awkward than ever.

Finally, Scott and Isaac got him to lay down on the couch. Isaac flicked on the TV for stiles, even though the kid was too supernaturally stoned to even notice the TV was there, before running to the kitchen to grab him a bottle of water from the fridge. Scott fussed over him, speaking low and softly to him as if trying to calm a spooked animal; but Stiles didn’t seem the least bit upset.

Scott took the bottle from Isaac when he returned with it and guided Stiles into drinking a third of it before recapping it and setting it to the side. He spoke lowly to his best friend for a few more seconds before gingerly patting him on the shoulder and straightening.

Derek perked, stepped forward when he realized, then, that Isaac and Scott were planning on leaving.

“Where are you going?” he asked accusingly, grabbing Isaac’s arm to stop them.

“You were there, you heard Deaton,” said Scott, frowning as if readying for a fight. “Stiles will be okay, he just needs to sleep it off.”

“Okay,” said Derek, growing more anxious at what he knew Scott was getting at. He let his nerves surface in the form f an angry glare. “That doesn’t answer my question.”

“It’s late, I have a curfew ever since that time with the dark witch, I’m going home,” said Scott. His face a challenge.

“Just because I said he could stay here, doesn’t mean I was planning on doing the babysitting,” growled Derek.

“One. You didn’t say he could stay here, we decided for you. And two, that’s part of it, dude. Just deal,”said Scott, flashing alpha eyes at Derek as if that would work on him.

“Ending that sentence with dude, completely negated any authority you probably thought it had, bra,” snarked Derek before wincing at how like Stiles' own brand of sarcasm it sounded. Damn that ridiculous, spazz of a kid and his continued unwarranted and unwanted presence in Derek's life.

“Deeeeewwwwwwrkkkpf!” called Stiles from the couch at that very moment making Derek clench his fists at his sides.

Derek bared his teeth at Scott in frustrated, but turned to see to Stiles anyway.

“Make sure he drinks plenty of water,” called Scott smugly.

Derek growled under his breath, but knelt down at Stiles’ head to be able to look him in his unfocused eyes. He heard the apartment door roll shut and let out a frustrated breath.

“Drrrk… Tell me a wawlf sttttowwwey,” plead-demanded Stiles, reaching out to smash his palm into Derek’s face in what looked like it was supposed to be a flirtatious caress. “Le' me sit in yrrr lappp. Big stwong wawwwlfy.”

Derek's heart lurched in his chest when made a ridiculous kissy sound from behind puckered lips. He let out a frustrated sigh through his nostrils. He suddenly felt a headache coming on.

Tags: sterek, teen wolf
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