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29 November 2015 @ 09:44 am
Just a Baby  
Title: Just a Baby
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles / Derek
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1680
Summary: Stiles is stuck babysitting

PROMPT: There's this trope where Stiles is like a child-whisperer and it usually results in really cute fic, but I'd like to see a fic where Stiles has no idea what to do with a kid/baby and is freaked out when left alone with one.

Stiles wasn’t sure how he had gone from answering Scott’s call asking for a favor to standing on Scott’s doorstep with a one year old in his arms.

“No, c’mon Scott,” he called after his horrible, horrible friend. “You can’t just leave me alone with it! Think of the repercussions!”

“She’ll be fine, Stiles,” called back Scott as he picked up his motorbike helmet. “I believe in you, man.”

”Not her… ME!” shouted Stiles before giving the baby a wary look. She was starting to squirm in his arms and, okay, maybe he was also concerned about her well-being in his care. In either case, this whole thing was insane.

“Funny,” replied Scott, shaking his head at Stiles.

Stiles was about to snap something back in response, but then Allison was rushing past him dressed in mostly leather with a bow strapped to her back and another bike helmet in her hands. She paused to kiss the baby’s head and then drop a kiss on Stiles’ cheek.

“Thanks for doing this, Stiles,” she said with a sweet smile before continuing on down the front steps, putting her helmet on as she went.

Stiles gave Scott an incredulous look. What kind of mother willingly leaves her only baby in the care of Stiles, anyway!? Scott just shrugged.

“Look, man, she’s just a toddler, she’s not going to hurt you,” said Scott while Allison climbed on her own bike. “We’re the ones running off to deal with this chimera.”

“I’ll take a Big Bad over this any day! That’s not scary… this is!” exclaimed Stiles while gesturing frantically at the baby in his arms.

“I gotta go, dude,” said Scott before putting his helmet on and getting onto his bike.

Stiles watched them drive off with his heart hammering in his ears and his stomach sinking to his knees. This was not good. This was so not good.


“I am so glad Scott told you to stay home from the chimera thing!” whispered Stiles excitedly when he opened the front door to let Derek in. He had heard his car come in the drive-way and jumped off the couch to race across the house to the front door and open it before Derek had a chance to ring the doorbell.

“Where’s the creature that was sucking your life-force?!” asked Derek, pushing past Stiles into the house.

“Dude!” hissed Stiles, too busy worrying over the noise Derek was making to wonder at how seriously he had quoted Stiles. He carefully shut the door and tiptoe-ran after Derek. “I finally got her to go to sleep, don’t wake her!”

“Where is she?” asked Derek, his back ramrod straight and his proverbial hackles up.

Sheesh. Okay, so Stiles had been scared of being left alone with the baby, but he didn’t think there was cause for Derek to be that damn worried for her well-being. He had called to complain to Derek about watching the baby and maybe try to convince him to come hang out with him until Scott go back. He hadn’t expected Derek to cut him short on the phone saying he’d be there in ten minutes (especially when he was a twenty minute drive away).

Derek was so worried about the baby werewolf’s safety in Stiles’ care that he had to race there so fast and now… what was this pushing into the house with determination in his stride and alarm oozing from his every pore!? Did Derek need to make sure she was still breathing or something? Stiles doubted his care-taking skills, too, but he didn’t think this level of alarm was quite necessary.

“She’s—“ started Stiles, but then Derek had already left down the hall.

Stiles raced after him, still on tiptoes. He found Derek in her room, standing over her crib wearing a strange look on his face.

“This was the evil little creature hell-bent on sucking your life force from you?” asked Derek in a tone that could be some strange hybrid between murderously mad and completely flabbergasted. It was a tone Stiles had only ever heard emerge when being directed at him. It was cool that they had these special things just between them.

“Uh, yeah?” replied Stiles before lunging forward to grab Derek’s arm and try to pull him out of the room. Luckily for him, Derek complied; otherwise it would have been like trying to lead a large oak tree.

“If you wake her up, though, dude,” started Stiles once they were safely back down the hall. “Werewolf or not, I will mess… you… up.”

“Stiles,” said Derek with a resigned sigh, “I thought you were in trouble.”

“I was!” exclaimed Stiles. “I am! I’m living in the belly of the beast right now, man! She could wake up at any moment and then—“

Suddenly a cry sounded from the other room.

“Damn werewolf senses,” groaned Stiles before turning back to glare at Derek. “This is your fault! You got your foreign werewolf stink all over her room and woke her up.”

“I’m part of her pack,” deadpanned Derek. “I don’t have a foreign werewolf stink.”

“Good point,” said Stiles, perking up. “That means of the two of us, you’re the better choice to go deal with her.”

Stiles started to push Derek back down the hallway, but Derek wouldn’t budge.

“Scott and Allison left her in your care, not mine,” said Derek refusing to move. “Idiotic as it seems, they must have had a good reason. So, you go deal with her.”

“No way,” said Stiles, giving up on pushing Derek and instead trying a new tactic. He did his best version of ‘puppy-dog eyes’ he could manage and pouted out his lower lip. He probably looked ridiculous, but hopefully it was a pathetic kind of ridiculous that would make Derek help him. “I can’t do this anymore, Derek. I’ve been alone with her for hours already. She has baby claws and a runny nose and she’s teething, Derek, teething! A teething werewolf baby …this is going to be the death of me. Do you really want this to be the death of me?”

Derek narrowed his eyes at Stiles and crossed his arms over his chest. Stiles momentarily wondered if his last statement had worked opposite his favor. Still, he pushed his bottom lip out further and even got it trembling.

In response, Derek flashed his eyes an irritated blue. Retaliating, Stiles tried to make his eyes go teary. The baby’s crying had turned to howling and wailing in the mean time.

“You better not let her cry much longer or she’ll shift and then we’ll have a crying beta-baby to deal with instead of just a crying baby,” said Stiles.

It hadn’t even been five minutes, but Stiles suddenly felt horrible for leaving her that long. He was about to let out a sigh and just go get her when Derek finally broke. Stiles was actually surprised. He truly hadn’t expected Derek to break first, but he made sure not to show it.

Derek let out a frustrated breath through his nostrils, his mouth set in a thin line, but he stepped past Stiles and went down the hall into the baby’s room. Stiles did a silent fist pump and followed a few paces behind him.

The baby stopped crying almost instantly when Derek picked her up. If Stiles didn’t already have a secret crush on Derek, this would have started one. Derek held the baby close in his arms and let her snuggle her face in against his throat while he gently rocked her from side to side, lowly humming some unknown song. Forget watching him hulk-out and rip apart his enemies, or work out in his apartment’s gym, or pull up in his black camaro with his leather jacket and sunglasses on… no, this was the sexiest Stiles had ever seen Derek.

Stiles made a dying whale sound in the back of his throat and raced out of the room. He hid in the kitchen and pulled his cell out. He called Scott.

“Are you almost done?” he squeaked into the phone when Scott answered.

“Why, what’s wrong?” asked Scott, he sounded a little out of breath and there were the tell-tale sounds of activity in the background.

“I’m going to die,” said Stiles. “This is literally going to kill me.”

“Is she still breathing?” asked Scott before letting out a gust of breath. Stiles heard a strange high-pitched cry in the background. Scott must have just slashed the chimera with his wolfy claws.

“Yeah,” answered Stiles.

“Are you?”

“Yeah,“ he answered again, this time rolling his eyes.

“Any gaping wounds on either of you?”


“You’ll be fine,” concluded Scott. “Bye Stiles, don’t forget her dinner is in the fridge in that green container.”

Then Scott hung up. He just hung up leaving Stiles staring at his cell phone in surprised outrage. Fucking best friends and their badass alpha lifestyles and their cute little babies and their sexy betas who hold their cute little babies…

“You don’t understand,” he whispered at the phone, weakly. “There’s a sexy—“

“Who was that?” asked Derek, stepping into the kitchen with the baby still in his arms. She was bright-eyed and looking quite content curled in his left arm as Derek reached to open the fridge with his right.

“How come you’re so good at this?” asked Stiles in a pitchy voice.

“It isn’t hard, she’s just a baby, Stiles,” said Derek giving Stiles a judging look before reaching in to the fridge to grab her sippy-cup.

Stiles followed Derek into the living room after the refrigerator door had fallen shut between them. He found Derek sitting in the big arm-chair with the baby sitting on his lap. She fell back against him with her head tilted back as she raised her sippy-cup to her mouth. Derek smiled down at her when she looked up at him.

“Just a baby,” scoffed Stiles under his breath. “He’s just a big sexy werewolf with just a baby on his lap… I’m so doomed.”


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