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29 November 2015 @ 09:23 am
Cover of a Magazine  
Title: Cover of a Magazine
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles / Derek
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2322
Summary: Derek gets caught oogling a pretty picture.

This is in response to KillerQueen's super sexy Stiles photo manip! CHECK IT OUT

It had to be photoshopped.

There was no way anyone looked that good.

Hell, he knew about the levels of editing involved in most published photos. It wasn’t a secret, anymore, what with those ‘real beauty’ campaigns and all that. Not to mention the more obvious source of his knowledge, Laura.  His sister had done some modeling in the past and the resulting photos had still been her, but at the same time, he could have easily flipped past her and not noticed because they had looked like every other model portrait and had lost all her personality with the lighting and make-up, and, finally, the digital retouching.

Still, she had looked enough like herself that it didn’t seem like Hollywood was completely smoke and mirrors. Models were still attractive under all the alterations.

But this…

This was some serious voodoo.

Derek couldn’t imagine living in a world where people who looked that good existed.

He ran his eyes over the young man’s form. His chest was glorious; his shoulders, his arms; fantastic. The leather and the jewellery accentuated his musculature and made him look a little dangerous, yet they equally stood in contrast with his lithe form and soft face. Altogether, it was sinfully attractive. But there were plenty of fit men out there, and plenty of well posed, well accessorized photos of them. What had really grabbed Derek’s attention was the man’s face.

Those eyes staring right up at him from the page were alight with an amber flame. They were breath-taking equally in their beauty and their intensity. Their size and shape, their colour, their frame of dark lashes… augh… they were making it hard for Derek to swallow the longer he stared back down at them.

The pert nose was adorable. How could someone ooze such raw sexual intensity with such an absolutely adorable nose? And those lips… those lips were absolutely the best part of the entire picture. They were full, perfectly formed, and this delicious, unobtrusive shade of pink. They looked so soft. They looked so inviting. They were parted ever so slightly and the model hand his hand raised, his fingertips just barely brushing over them as if he had just been so tenderly kissed that they were left tingling.

Derek caught himself raising his hand as though he were about to caress the photo. He glowered at himself and quickly dropped his hand back to his lap. He set the magazine down in the train seat next to him and forced himself to look away from the cover.

“Pull yourself together,” he muttered to himself before offering a curt nod to the person across the aisle from him who had noticed his abrupt movements.

Perhaps multiple photos of different faces had been spliced and fitted together to make the ultimate in attractive faces for this cover image. Did magazine companies do that? It’d be easy enough to do with image programs these days. Probably. …Maybe. Well, at least for just one photo. It might be harder to do if there were multiple photos and poses.  Derek glanced back over at the magazine. Maybe he should look to see if there were more photos of that model inside.  His hand twitched in his lap.


He was already being strange enough obsessing over some random photo on some random magazine cover like some thirteen year old boy who’d just discovered his first dirty magazine. This wasn’t like him. The fact that he had even purchased a magazine was out of character enough –especially when it was just because of the model on the cover.  He was falling dangerously close to the realm of complete perv with the amount interest he was feeling toward that photo.

The train rolled steadily to a halt at the next stop. It wasn’t his stop, though. No, his was the final stop at the end of the line. He was headed home for the first time in years. It was a long train ride –which was why he had paused at the magazine stand at the train terminal in the first place.

Derek glanced over at the magazine with narrowed eyes. He was still unconvinced there was any way someone that gorgeous existed. There was just no way someone could possibly possess those eyes and nose and mouth all in one painfully attractive face. That was just unfair to the rest of the world.

Derek’s hand twitched again. He should really get to the bottom of this. He should look to see if there were, indeed more photos of this model inside the magazine. He should look inside the cover, at least, for the name of the model so he could google him, could see if he looked anything like he did on the cover in other photos. Well, if there even was a name listed for the model –the idea that they had spliced together multiple faces was seeming more and more viable the more he thought about.

Derek took a moment to watch as a few people filed out of the train and new ones started to come on. He pursed his lips and looked back over at the magazine. No one could possibly hold a candle to that face. For the sake of regular looking people everywhere, Derek needed to do some research on this otherworldly model.

Yes, he really did need to get to the bottom of this. Such deception was an injustice against humanity.

With that in mind, Derek reached over and picked up the magazine. He stared down at the cover photo for a few beats. Those eyes. That nose.That mouth.

“Hey,” sounded a masculine voice, jarring Derek from his thoughts, pleasant though its timbre was. “Do you mind if I…”

Startled, Derek clutching the magazine to his chest in his guilty surprise. Obviously, no one had known what he had been thinking and, even if his thoughts had been written on his face, there was no law against liking a photo too much. Derek knew this. Embarrassed as he felt, he knew that he wasn’t actually caught, that someone wasn’t there to call him out on his stupid internal dialogue. Still, he felt the guilty jump of adrenaline at being so interrupted.

Taking a deep breath, he looked up at the young man standing in the aisle next to him, duffel bag slung over his shoulder like he was headed somewhere far from home. Immediately, Derek was accosted by warm amber eyes behind thick rimmed glasses. They weren’t as sharply intense as the ones from the magazine, but they were equally devastating. Below those eyes was the most adorablly pert nose Derek had ever seen, and below it was those perfectly shaped, pink lips. Instead of puckered and parted sensually, they were pulled into a quirky, crooked smile that had Derek’s pulse spiking.

“Wha,” was his elegant answer as he stared dumbfounded at the young man leaning slightly into his space so other people could step past him in the narrow train aisle.

The young man’s eyebrows drew together slightly as if he were concerned by Derek’s reaction. It was enough that Derek realized he was gaping and quickly moved his legs to the side so the man could step by him to get the vacant seat on his right. The one closest to the window. The one that had just recently been home to the magazine Derek was still clutching to his chest. The magazine featuring a racy photograph of a devilishly sexy version of the young man who had just slid past Derek and into that seat.

Derek glanced sideways at the young man who was settling into the seat next to him. He couldn’t help but track the lines of his back when he leaned down to slide his duffel bag under the seat. He was wearing a few layers and, frumpy as they were, they couldn’t completely hide the shape of well-muscled shoulders atop a lithe frame. Derek swallowed heavily and forced himself to look forward as the young man straightened.

“I’m Stiles,” he said a few seconds later, turning to offer a hand to Derek.

It was then that Derek realized, again, that he was clutching the magazine like a lifeline. He cleared his throat and quickly slid the magazine into the pocket at the back of the seat ahead of him before shaking the proffered.

“Derek,” he answered lamely.

Stiles smiled at him, his lips pulling back to reveal perfect, white teeth and dimples on each side of his mouth that could give his nose a run for its money in the adorable department. Derek felt like he might swoon. He took a deep breath in through his nose and let it out as silently as possible. The train began to roll forward and Stiles settled further in his seat. Derek wondered if the crazy humming in his head would ever go away.

“So, uh, you’re a fan of HE?” asked Stiles minutes later sounding a little awkward.

“What?” asked Derek, again, feeling caught off guard.

Stiles motioned to the seat in front of Derek. Derek stared at the seat uncomprehending.

“The magazine? HE?”

“Oh, uh, yeah… well… I’m not usually… sometimes?” stammered Derek, feeling his face warming by the second. This was not like him. He wasn’t one to get so flustered. But then, this situation was completely unprecedented.

“Hmmm,” hummed Stiles.

He was silent a few beats before suddenly turning in his seat to face Derek.

“Okay,” said Stiles. “Okay, okay, so, I promise I’m not this total cocky asshole. Well, maybe a little, but I’m not as full of myself as this might come off… It’s just, see, I noticed you were admiring the cover, and I thought to myself, ‘Stiles, this could go one of two ways’. “

More heat blossomed across Derek’s face. Stiles was on the cover of the magazine. The unbelievably gorgeous man on the cover of the magazine had noticed him practically drooling over his picture on the cover of the magazine. Derek had been caught oogling a photo of a model by the model. In what world did that even… wait.

“One of two ways?” asked Derek.

“Well, HE is a gay men’s magazine and you’re a very attractive man and…” Stiles paused to laugh in a way that almost sounded self-conscious but that didn’t make any sense.  “You seemed to be admiring that photo, so I was thinking… this very attractive man is probably gay and, considering his interest in that photo, perhaps I’ve got a shot with him.”

Derek stared at Stiles. He wasn’t certain, but he wouldn’t be surprised if he learned his mouth was hanging open. Because… did Stiles just?

Derek watched as Stiles bit his sinfully plump bottom lip.

“Sorry, does that make me sound like a total prick?” asked Stiles, smiling in a self-deprecating way. “I promise I don’t… I dunno… hang out at magazine stands to follow attractive men who buy copies of the magazine I’m on… or something like that… I mean, this is my first magazine cover, anyway… so it’s not like I’ve had the chances to make that into a habit or anything… but I didn’t follow you or anything… dammit… obviously.. I mean, you were already on the train… its not like… I’m just saying that I’m not trying to use this magazine thing to get dates.. .well, I guess I kind of am.. but just with you… not like.. all the men… oh my g—please make me stop talking.”

Derek frowned as Stiles covered his face with his hands. Like his face, they were perfect, and maybe even better than they looked on the magazine if that were even possible.

You think I’m attractive?” Derek finally asked, incredulous.

Stiles parted his fingers to look at Derek from behind his hands. He let out a ‘humph’ before dropping his hands and shaking his head laughingly.

“Uh, yeah? I have eyes, y’know,” said Stiles in a small voice.

Derek smiled to himself, looking down at his hands in his lap. He felt bashful like a little kid. He and Stiles were silent for a few moments, no sounds between them but the low roar of the train’s movement and subsequent pattern of clatter from his wheels on the track.

“So, uh, where are you headed?” asked Stiles.

“Back home,” replied Derek. “You?”

“Same,” replied Stiles with another crooked smile. “First time since I started this whole, crazy model gig. I’m probably gonna get all kinds of razzing from my friends when they see that.”

He nodded toward the pocket in the back of the seat in front of Derek and Derek felt his face heat once more at having been caught pouring over it.

“That’s okay, though,” said Stiles. “They can tease, its how we show our love, anyway.”

The way Stiles smiled as he said it was so nostalgic that it tugged at Derek’s chest. He knew all about that raw feeling of homesickness, it had lived nestled under his left collarbone for the past three years. It was good to be headed home.

Derek glanced up at the screen ahead of them that showed only one stop left on the track. They were getting closer and…  with that realization came a new and even better one; they were headed to the same place.

The same place.

Derek took a deep breath.

“There’s this coffee shop by the beach,” he started.

“The Daily Grind?” asked Stiles, immediately.

Derek paused.

“Yeah,” he breathed.

“My favourite haunt when I was a teen,” laughed Stiles.

“Mine too. Maybe we could…”

“Yeah, that’d be awesome.”

“Okay, good,” answered Derek trying not to grin

“Sweet,” was Stiles’ immediate answer, a large grin breaking across his gorgeous face

Derek looked away, unable to handle the level of attractiveness looking at him so hopefully. He shook his head to himself. What were the odds?