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29 November 2015 @ 09:08 am
Title: IKEA
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles / Derek
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1396
Summary: Stiles and Scott fool around at IKEA. Stiles meets Derek.

PROMPT: “I jumped out of a wardrobe in IKEA screaming ‘For Narnia!’ and landed on you by accident” AU Sterek prompted by kristsune

It was one of the worst heat waves they’d been hit with in years. And, after spending the last twenty four hours sitting directly in front of the piddly window air conditioner, Stiles had grown tired of lying around. He dragged Scott out of their shared dorm room with not so much of a plan as the simple declaration that he wasn’t going to waste his entire weekend in their dorm. Being broke-ass college students, they didn’t have a lot of affordable options, but where there was a will there was a cheap source of entertainment in an air conditioned environment. They eventually ended up in the local IKEA.

“So what’s so much better about spending the afternoon shopping instead of back in our dorm?” asked Scott as he trudged up the front stairs at Stiles’ side. “We could at least be playing video games right now; instead we’re… looking at shelving units??”

“It’s only shopping if you plan on buying something!” countered Stiles wiggling his eyebrows at Scott as he spoke.

Scott rolled his eyes at Stiles’ eyebrow antics. “So what are we doing?” he asked.

“Uhh… Taking an IKEAcation?” offered Stiles, wincing at his own failed joke.

“Dude, cmon,” said Stiles when Scott looked ready to turn and leave, “it can only be fun if you let it!”

Scott hummed thoughtfully.

“Okay, fine,” he said after a few moments, “but you’ve got until the kitchen department to wow me or I’m going home to our humming air conditioner and day old pizza.”

“Piece of cake, my friend,” said Stiles, brightly. “You just gotta promise me you’ll open yourself to the ridiculous.”

“I’m friends with you, aren’t I?”


They walked through the model apartments, Stiles ignoring Scott’s unimpressed looks while pointing out with exaggerated awe how liveable they made 500 square feet look. He grabbed a lamp on a side table and saying “and the new one looks much better” in an attempted imitation of the old IKEA commercials. Scott actually cracked a smile at that. Stiles considered it a win.

It was when they were walking through the third mock apartment that Stiles noticed the roll of masking tape sitting on the ‘kitchen’ counter, probably forgotten behind by an employee. He grabbed it and handed it to Scott with a mischievous grin before laying down on the ‘living room’ floor.

“Scott! Tape my outline!” He demanded laughingly. “IKEA crime scene!”

“Oh my go– Stiles, no,” said Scott laughing and shaking his head. “We’ll get kicked out!”

“Not if you’re fast!”

Stiles watched expectantly as Scott worried his lip between his teeth and played with the roll of tape in his hands for a few beats. Finally, Scott let out an exasperated huff and leaned down to start taping. Stiles did a quiet cheer complete with jazz hands.

“Open yourself to the ridiculous, right?” offered Scott smiling crookedly.

Scott worked quickly and managed to get Stiles’ outline completely taped out before anyone else could step into the ‘living room’ and interrupt. Stiles was just getting up when an elderly couple walked in. Their eyes went wide at the scene. Scott dropped the tape on the coffee table and dragged Stiles out, Stiles cackling as they went.

Things sort of spiralled from there. From strange selfies to rearranging furniture, they jogged about the store being ridiculous but just quiet enough that they hadn’t managed to get kicked out just yet.

When they approached the kids section at the end of the upstairs departments, Stiles grinned and, with a hissed “watch this”, ran ahead of Scott. He ran to one of the model bedrooms and climbed into the bright blue freestanding closet (aka magic wardrobe!) closing the door behind him. It was maybe a little more cramped than he expected, but he pulled his knees up to his chin and waited for the sound of Scott’s footsteps. A shadow passed across the crack along the closet door’s seam and, without preamble, Stiles threw open the door and jumped out, arm raised, yelling “FOR NARNIA!”

Well, it was more “FOR NARN–eeehhh—auuhh” as he wasn’t able to get his legs unfolded in time and managed to fall face first directly on the person standing in front of the closet –who, as it turned out, was absolutely NOT Scott.

Unsuspecting as he was, the guy Stiles had attacked with his face, didn’t lose his balance or fall over. No, he just stood there staring down with raised eyebrows at the crumpled ball of Stiles at his feet.

There was a girl a few paces away, Stiles noticed once his eyesight came back from the swirling black spots it had momentarily been reduced to. She was clutching at her stomach and gasping for breath from her laughter. She actually looked kind of familiar like maybe Stiles shared a class with her. She also definitely looked like she was related to the guy. Stiles blinked a few times and then looked back up at the unimpressed, really noticeably attractive guy standing over him.

“Are you okay?” asked the hot guy after a moment.

“And for Aslan,” said Stiles weakly.

The girl behind the hot guy burst into a much louder fit of laughter. Stiles decided to ignore her and instead took the hot guy’s offered hand and got to his feet.

“Your nose is bleeding,” said the hot guy, his eyebrows doing a weird thing that Stiles didn’t know how to interpret.

Stiles wiped the back of his hand over his face only to see a crimson streak appear on it. Ah, so he was.

“Cmon,” said the hot guy, “the washroom’s just over there.”

Face pulsating with pain, Stiles let the guy direct him to the public washrooms feeling gobsmacked. When they were in the bathroom, the guy with the eyebrows had Stiles lean over one of the sinks and then went into one of the stalls to get him some toilet paper.

“Sorry for…” Said Stiles, gesturing vaguely toward the door. “I thought you were Scott.”

“Not Scott,” said the guy handing Stiles a handful of toilet paper.

“I got that,” said Stiles, wryly. “Thanks,” he said taking the offered toilet paper.

He pinched at the bridge of his nose, wincing at how sore it was, and started stuffing his nostrils with the toilet paper. Nose plugged, he washed his hands and face. He paused when he caught sight of the hot guy hovering behind him in the mirror.

“You do realize it’s more than 100 degrees outside, right?” asked Stiles noticing the heavy leather jacket the guy was wearing.

“I’m aware,” was the only answer he was given. He was just about to ask the guy what his name was when the washroom door banged open and Scott barged in.

“Stiles, what the hell?” exclaimed Scott. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” said Stiles, rolling his eyes.

“What did you do?” asked Scott as he hurried to Stiles’ side to get a better look at the damage.

“I bludgeoned this gentleman with my face,” said Stiles trying to go for humour but mostly just sounding nasally. “What part of ‘watch this’ didn’t you understand?”

“I saw that mirror Allison had said she wanted,” said Scott sounding guilty. “Why’d you want me to watch you hit some guy with your face?”

“Derek,” said the guy, cutting in. “Anyway, I’m gonna go, now.”

“Oh, uh, okay,” said Stiles turning from the sink to watch as the hot guy –Derek, went to leave. “Uh thanks for the toilet paper, Derek. Sorry about the… attack.”

The corners of Derek’s mouth twitched in poorly hidden amusement and he nodded.

“Keep up the good fight,” he said before turning to push out of the washroom door.

Stiles chuckled at that before turning back to the sink. He finally noticed his own face in the mirror –both nostrils flared wide from being stuffed with rolled toilet paper— and let out a groan of embarrassment.

“Dude,” said Scott, “what was that about?”

“That?” asked Stiles, tapping a fingertip gently to the bridge of his nose and wincing. “That was just me making a complete fool out of myself in front of the most attractive guy I’ve ever met. No big deal”

“At least you’ll be memorable,” said Scott with a shrug and half smile.

Stiles let out a strangled laugh.

“At least there’s that,” he conceded.