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01 October 2012 @ 11:07 am
Under the Moon  

Title: Under the Moon

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine

Rating: PG-13 (?)

Genre: Supernatural / Dark

Word Count: 1397 words

Summary: A one-shot fic giving us a little window into Kurt’s complicated relationship.

Part One

The moon was yellow-orange as it rose in the night sky from somewhere below the distant tree line. It called to Kurt as it climbed; a steady journey that had been followed since the beginning of time. Kurt tried to ignore it for the time being, shutting himself away in his bedroom, but it called incessantly, shining bright and growing paler as the night ripened. This night, though, it was more of a warning than a call.  Danger lurked just beyond the warmth of his quiet, little house. Kurt lived on the edge of the small city, his backyard and the gravel alley behind it the last bit of civilization before dropping into the wilderness beyond.

Kurt knew that to leave now, to run out into the night and dance under the glowing light of the full moon, meant possible death –nearly certain death if he left to do what he knew needed to be done. Yet, the warning only made him more anxious to go. He opened his bedroom window, shivering when it allowed in a cold breeze of winter air.  Quickly, he moved to his closet and pulled out another sweater and pulled it on over the first. Then, he went back to his window and leaned out to breathe the crisp night air.

There was wood smoke on the wind, a pungently sweet aroma. Blaine would have smelled it, too. Blaine was somewhere out there. Kurt’s chest constricted at the knowledge of that. He needed to see him, need to find him and make sure he was safe when the full moon fell back below the horizon. Kurt pulled on a pair of gloves and wrapped a scarf around his neck. He grabbed the bag he had packed earlier, slung it over his shoulder, and then climbed out of his window.

He crouched on the rooftop, looking off into the distance for a few minutes, wondering which way he should go first. There were usually patterns to these things. During the Hunter’s Moon, for example, it was always best to head straight west and climb the small hill near the meadow in the thicker neck of the forest. During Thunder Moon, he would stay south and walk along the small creek that ran that way. Tonight, though, tonight was the Wolf Moon and there was no telling what could happen.

Suddenly, a shrill, blood-curdling howl rose up in the distance making the hairs on the back of Kurt’s neck stand on end. Heart hammering in his chest, Kurt waited a few minutes after the lonely voice had tapered off before rising and skittering across the roof to where a large branch of a nearby oak tree was within reach. He swung onto the branch and then climbed down the tree, landing silently in the snow. Another howl rose in the distance and Kurt stood silently listening before he ran off across his backyard, through the back gate, across the gravel alley, and into the bushes beyond.

Part Two

The forest was bare and lifeless, desolate. Kurt ran with every ounce of strength available to him, his lungs stinging from the icy air being pulled into them, his throat dry and tasting of metal. Everything was shades of blue, the full moon the only source of light. The tall pine trees were dark, thin columns that cast stark shadows on the snow.

There were no sounds but those of the chase; Kurt’s erratic breathing, the rustling of his clothes, the crunching of his footfalls in the snow, the beat of four paws pounding into his tracks, and the breathy snarling of the wolf chasing him. Kurt ran with legs that seemed disconnected from his body, strides that were much longer and faster than his usual capability.

Suddenly, the earth gave way to a steep incline. Adrenaline coursing through his veins and jaws snapping at the air just behind him, Kurt leapt from the edge. A tree growing out of the side of the steep cliff was his savior and he grabbed onto a branch as he fell. The rabid growling behind him was enough motivation to have him swinging himself up and climbing further up the tree even as his muscles trembled and shook from overuse. He wanted to put as much space between him and the raging creature below as he could.

When the nearly black wolf had first laid eyes on him, standing stock-still in the dark shadows of the forest, watching him with bright golden eyes, its muzzle raised as if it had been scenting for him, Kurt knew he couldn’t run home. He couldn’t run to the safety of civilization with the wolf chasing after him –it wouldn’t be safe for the people or the wolf. This was his plight alone. This was what the warning had been about.

Kurt leaned back against the rough bark of the tree trunk once he was high enough up the tree. He braced himself with feet pushing against thicker branches and his arms crossed over his bag pressed tightly to his chest. The tree began to tremble and looked down to see the large nearly black wolf throwing its body against the base, over and over with no care to its own wellbeing. Kurt had no sense of time as he waited for night to cease and daylight to banish the evil creature below; it seemed like the wolf spent hours just throwing itself at the tree until the snow was stained pink with its own blood.

Finally the wolf seemed to realize he was making no progress, or perhaps he had grown weary, and ran off into the woods. Kurt didn’t move a muscle; he knew the wolf hadn’t given up on him. He knew that his was the scent the wolf craved more than anything, his blood. So he waited. He could still feel the wolf’s presence even if he didn’t see it again. Soon, though, Kurt’s eyes began to grow heavy, his body exhausted. He kept telling himself to stay away, that he couldn’t fall asleep and slip from the tree –the fall to the ground would be the least of his concerns. Eventually, though, his eyes fell shut.

Kurt woke to the warm sunshine beginning to thaw his nearly hypothermic skin.  The forest was alive with the sounds of winter birds –a completely different place than what he had run through the night before. He was still perched precariously on the wide tree branch, his legs practically frozen in place where they had been bracing him. Kurt took a few moments to stiffly take stock of all his joints before he began to climb down the tree. Seconds later, he landed with a dull thud on the packed snow. It was tinged pink and red in places with the blood of the wolf, packed down hard as ice from warm, wide paws.

Kurt took a deep breath to steel himself before turning around to regard the lifeless body lying in the snow just a few yards away. Then, he turned and walked on stiff legs to the naked boy who was sprawled face down in the snow, his skin nearly blue with cold. Kurt knelt down at his side and opened his bag, pulling out the blanket and the change of Blaine’s clothes it contained.

“Come on, Blaine,” whispered Kurt, rolling him over and trying to make him sit up. “Fourteen full moons down, only the rest of our lives to go. You can’t give up, now.”

The battered, blue boy groaned and Kurt quickly wrapped the blanket around him, holding him close and rubbing his hands over him to try to get his circulation going.

“Let’s get you home before your parents notice you’re gone,” said Kurt, shaking him a little and finally Blaine opened his eyes.

“Kurt,” he said weakly.

“I’m here,” said Kurt, smiling sadly.

“Are you...?”

“Yes,” answered Kurt, leaning in to kiss softly at Blaine’s blue lips. “I’m fine, I’m safe; you didn’t get me.”

Relief flashed through his still-slightly-dazed eyes as Blaine clung tightly to Kurt.

“I’m not afraid of the big, bad wolf,” teased Kurt even as his voice hitched with a barely suppressed sob.

He couldn’t keep doing this. How could he keep doing this? Risking his life every night there was a full moon so that he could rescue Blaine every morning after... one of these nights, it was going to catch up to him. The wolf was going to catch up to him.

Samdareu2beme on October 4th, 2012 08:07 pm (UTC)
thank you i'm glad you liked it :D

it was just a oneshot, though >p