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22 August 2012 @ 07:45 pm

Title: Touch
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,553
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine

Warnings: Ummm...sex? Blindfolding.

Summary: Kurt and Blaine finally have a night together at the end of Kurt’s first semester at college in NYC. This was written as a gift to my BFF, Krista. I hope she likes it!!!


“Blaine... what are you...?” Kurt asked stuntedly.

A warm hand closed over one of his, enabling him to take a deep breath. He hadn’t known what Blaine had in mind when he asked if he could blindfold him, all he knew was that he trusted him explicitly. So, even though he felt some apprehension over losing his sight with no idea of what was about to happen, Kurt had nodded and accepted the blindfold. Blaine had lovingly wrapped it around his face, tying it behind his head.

“Shh,” whispered Blaine, his breath warm and tickling against Kurt’s ear in the most seductive of ways. “Just let me.”

Goosebumps rose on Kurt’s skin at Blaine’s closer-than-anticipated presence and he struggled to swallow before nodding his assent. It had been so long since they were together. Kurt wasn’t sure how he had even survived the past thirteen weeks without being able to hold or be held by Blaine. There had been phone calls and skype dates and countless text messages, but nothing was comparable to being held in the strong arms of his beautiful boyfriend. Kurt had missed those warm embraces, had missed the sweet hand holding, the cuddling on the couch while watching TV, the dancing and singing together, had longed to hear the warm voice in person, to look upon those golden hazel eyes, to feel the press of Blaine’s plush lips; he had missed everything. Now, they were finally together. They had each other alone for the entire evening, and Kurt was blindfolded and waiting; waiting to learn what Blaine had planned for them.

Not being able to see had his ears straining to regain some of that lost information and his skin thrumming with anticipation. Blaine’s hand felt larger than it was where it covered Kurt’s hand, keeping him anchored while the rest of him began to float in his sightless daze. Kurt inhaled shakily and waited. Sitting on Blaine’s bed in nothing but briefs and the darkly-coloured, cloth blindfold had Kurt feeling more vulnerable and exposed than even the first time they had revealed themselves to each other just over a year ago.

The bed shifted and the entire left side of Kurt’s body buzzed and snapped with electricity as his nerves stood at attention, taking in even the most subtle temperature change at having another warm body inches away. Kurt felt Blaine’s other hand come to rest warmly against his shoulder and his entire body shuddered at the relief of having both hands accounted for after waiting with rapt attention and not knowing when or where the next touch would be. Kurt’s body relaxed a little. Fingertips smoothed over Kurt’s shoulder and up his neck to his ear before sliding slowly down the edge of his jaw to find their goal. Kurt couldn’t help but chew his lip even while Blaine’s thumb rubbed softly over it, back and forth.

Then, both of Blaine’s hands were on Kurt’s face, cupping and framing it. Kurt inhaled, his eyelids fluttering as they always did when anticipating Blaine’s kisses even though there were already closed and currently hidden behind the blindfold. But, this kiss didn’t come. Instead, warm, almost hot, breath fell against his face. Kurt licked his lips, tongue searching for the flavor of Blaine, wishing to extract it from the heated air between their mouths.

“You are so beautiful.”

The words were whispered reverently, seductively, and Kurt felt both emotion and arousal bubbling up through his chest from somewhere deep down in his belly.

“I’ve been waiting for so long,” Blaine continued to whisper. “So long for this.”

And then finally, finally, his lips were on Kurt’s. A soft sigh escaped Kurt’s mouth in a breath of air to be swallowed by Blaine as he pressed further into him, deepening the kiss and groaning quietly. Kurt blindly wrapped his arms around Blaine, pulling him closer and Blaine’s hands slid behind Kurt’s head to cover his neck and push fingers through his thick hair.

“Tonight,” gasped out Blaine when he eventually pulled back from the kiss, leaning his forehead against Kurt’s. “I want you to just feel.”

“Feel,” repeated Kurt, searching for further explanation, his breaths coming out heavily to match Blaine’s.

“When you have to go back,” explained Blaine, his voice low and rich, only loud enough for Kurt’s ears despite them being alone in the house. “It’ll be another long wait until we can be together again. So, so long, Kurt.”

Blaine paused to brush a soft kiss against Kurt’s lips.

“I want you to be able to just shut your eyes when you are alone in bed and missing me,” he whispered.

Kurt’s breathing stuttered as Blaine’s explanation caused theories of what they were about to do to being to form in Kurt’s mind.  He tensed as a hand ran down his shoulders and arm, simultaneously heating and cooling his skin as it went; nerves already hyper-aware and overreacting.

“I won’t be there,” continued Blaine. “But when you close your eyes you’ll be able to remember this... tonight... my touch.”

Kurt shivered with arousal, already stiffening in his briefs as a fire sparked and blazed deep in his belly. As Blaine spoke those delicious words, he ran his second hand down the front of Kurt’s chest, pads of fingertips following dips and hills and grooves, catching on Kurt’s nipple and making him squirm but continuing downward. Every inch those tantalizing fingertips moved, the harder Kurt felt himself grow.

“Lie back,” commanded Blaine and Kurt could hear the hoarseness even in his whisper, knew he was just as turned on as Kurt.

Kurt allowed him to guide him backward until he was lying flat on his back. He was unsure of where to put his hands but didn’t have to worry long before Blaine’s palms were pushing into Kurt’s and his fingers were twining between Kurt’s own. He allowed Blaine to move his hands above his head and press them down into the bedding, keeping him trapped but not unwillingly so. Kurt could feel Blaine’s knees depressing the bed on either sides of his waist as the young man shuffled up his body, then part of his weight slowly lowered down onto Kurt’s hips and his body instantly responded by bucking up to meet it.

“Shh,” hushed Blaine. “Calm down, Baby. Patience.”

The confidence behind those whispered words had Kurt’s limbs trembling with need. They hadn’t really even done anything, yet, and Kurt’s entire body was thrumming.

“Blaine,” gasped Kurt, pulling weakly at where Blaine still had his hands held down above his head. “Please.”

“I’ll take care of you,” cooed Blaine. “Just be still and let me.”

Kurt nodded jerkily, chewing his lip and forcing himself to relax. Lips touched against the thin, tight skin behind his ear and Kurt tensed and squirmed at Blaine’s hot breath there. Blaine’s lips parted and his kiss turned slightly more aggressive with suction that ended with a little nip. Toes curling and his hands flexing, Kurt tried to reach for him, but Blaine held him captive. He dragged his lips down Kurt’s neck, before kissing across his chest. Then, Blaine released his hands and began to dance them over his torso and down his sides, causing new goosebumps to bloom in their wake.

“I miss everything about you when you’re gone,” spoke Blaine before kissing the rise just below Kurt’s navel. “But I especially miss your body.”

He kissed across Kurt’s belly to the jut of his hipbone and began to suck there with fervour, undoubtedly leaving a mark.

“I can still talk to you when you’re gone, still hear your beautiful voice,” spoke Blaine, lifting his face just high enough from Kurt’s hip to speak. “But I don’t have your glorious body.”

His hands moved over Kurt’s torso, mapping the terrain with practiced ease, but paying special attention to each divot and swell as if wanting to relearn the landscape. Kurt found himself alternating between tensing and melting under Blaine’s touch. He ached for more even while simply dwelling in the ‘now’ of it.  He concentrated on Blaine’s touch, wanting to memorize the sensation. Blaine’s breath was hot on his skin and his caresses excruciatingly sweet.

“I know you miss me, too,” spoke Blaine, again.

His voice was so deep, so smooth, so full of everything... everything that made it Blaine, made it home. It was husky with arousal, thick with emotion, quiet with intimacy, full of so many thoughts that Kurt knew floated beneath the surface, it was pleasant and musical, and it carried a ridiculously earnest lilt that only Blaine could pull off without being ridiculous. Kurt smiled to himself, letting out a soft sigh. It stuttered at the end of the exhale when Blaine’s fingertips drifted lightly down the dip that ran from hip to groin.

“So, when you’re in bed and missing me, I want you to close your eyes and imagine this,” continued Blaine, his voice growing ever more sensual.

Kurt stopped breathing. All his attention was focused on the sensation of Blaine’s fingertips teasing down the crease of his thigh. Then Blaine curled fingertips around the waistband of Kurt's briefs, slowly pulling them down as if teasing himself with how slowly he was revealing Kurt to himself.

“Remember how this feels, Kurt,” demanded Blaine, quietly, his breathing picking up as he released Kurt's cock from its confines.

He pulled them down Kurt's legs. Kurt kicked them off when they reached his ankles and afterward realized he was lucky he hadn't managed to kick Blaine in face. He didn't have long to berate himself for not thinking, though, not when Blaine was moving back up his body, fingertips trailing up his thighs back to where they had left off.

“Remember," he repeated breathlessly. "How I’m touching you right now.”

Kurt’s toes were curling and clenching, the muscles of his legs tightening over and over again as Blaine played across his hips and around the tops of his thighs, tickling down the crease and tracing the shape of his V. It was maddening and he simultaneously wanted it to never end and need it to stop before he exploded.

Blaine,” Kurt groaned, not able to hold it in any longer.

“When you’re in bed missing me,” said Blaine, ignoring Kurt’s pleading. “I want you to do this, want you to imagine it is me doing it.”

His weight shifted on the bed and his hand disappeared from Kurt’s pelvis. Immediately, every nerve in Kurt’s body tensed, waiting, pleading. His body was buzzing, his heart pounding, his blood speeding through his veins carrying tingles to every cell in his body. He waited, not knowing when or where the next touch would come. Finally, Blaine’s warm hands returned to him, and his entire body lurched in anticipated surprise. Blaine’s hands closed over Kurt’s ankles and he couldn’t help but lift and bang his head back against the pillows in frustration that they were now further away from where he wanted... where he needed them.

Blaine,” Kurt pleaded, the word sounding much more desperate this time.

“I want you to touch yourself, to run your hands over your body like I’ve been doing,” Blaine simply continued, speaking slowly and commanding. “Do it until you are desperate, until you can’t stand it any longer.”

He ran his hands up and down Kurt’s legs, pressing palms into his calves and Kurt was amazed at how much the touch drove him wild. The pressure the tight muscles had him sighing and groaning. Then Blaine moved his warm, delicious touch up the inside of Kurt’s thighs, pressing tightly into the larger leg muscles making Kurt writhe as he drew closer.

“When you can’t take another moment,” continued Blaine before leaning in to breathe hotly over Kurt’s aching cock eliciting a high-pitch moan from Kurt. “I want you to take yourself in hand.”

He rubbed his palm smoothly over Kurt’s balls, then, and Kurt groaned low and loud and long. Then Blaine’s hand finally grasped Kurt’s cock and the sensation had Kurt’s entire body tensing that he nearly sat straight up before flopping back down, head hitting the pillow heavily. He let out another low groan as Blaine gave him a few languid pumps, gathering the leaked precom and twisting his fist over the head.

“Oh, Blaine,” exhaled Kurt, his body finally relaxing again.

Blaine kept his hand moving over Kurt’s dick, but removed his other from where it had been caressing Kurt’s thigh. Kurt heard the familiar click of the opening of a bottle and then Blaine’s hand left his cock, leaving it chilled without his hot hand and still aching for release. Only seconds later it was back, though. It was slick and warm and moved easily over Kurt’s heated skin causing the fire in Kurt’s belly to grow and rage.

“Will you pretend it’s me, Kurt?” asked Blaine, his voice sounding strained and Kurt wanted to look, wanted to see Blaine’s coloured, emotive eyes. “When you do this yourself, alone in your bed, will you close your eyes and pretend it is me? Will you whisper my name when you come? Will you imagine me there with you when you finish?”

“Yes,” groaned Kurt, his hips moving with Blaine’s hand, fucking his cock up through the tight circle of his boyfriend’s fist. “Yes, yes, Blaine, yes.”

Blaine didn’t say anything more, then. The only sounds in the room were their heavy breathing and the lewd noise of slick skin working together chasing a release. Blaine’s other hand was lightly stroking over the soft skin of Kurt’s pelvis and scratching through the coarse hair it found. He fondled Kurt’s balls, cupping and rolling them, caressing them. Kurt was on fire. His skin was too tight for his body; his insides were feeling like they were all drawing to a point and when they reached it, he would just suddenly implode. His breaths were getting more and more, little ‘ah, ah, ah’s’ escaping on every exhale despite him usually being well able to keep quiet during.

“I love you so much, Kurt,” said Blaine, then, before his lips suddenly pressed to the inside of Kurt’s thigh. “You are so beautiful right now. I don’t want to ever forget the way you look at this moment. You are so sexy, Kurt, so, so sexy.”

He kissed the insides of Kurt’s thighs, sucking and nipping every so often. Kurt grunted as he continued to fuck up through Blaine’s fist. He was so very close to the edge; everything was building, his muscles tightening, his body burning. And then, finally, finally he lost it. Everything inside of him met at that point where he was sure would be the location of his implosion and then it shot down. The fire in his belly raged with one final fit and his balls tightened. With a cry and involuntary arch of his back, Kurt came. Everything shot through him and he was sure he might have just died, but then he was coming back to himself, panting and gasping for breath.

“I’m here, Baby,” whispered Blaine, his breath suddenly puffing against Kurt’s ear and his body warm against Kurt’s side. “I’m here. I love you. You’re so gorgeous, so absolutely amazing.”

Kurt immediately reached for him, hugging him tight and half laughing, and half sobbing into his shoulder. Blaine rubbed his hands over Kurt’s back, kissing up his neck and over his jaw. He murmured ‘I love you’ over and over again between kisses, before finally lifting his hands and untying Kurt’s blindfold. Kurt blinked at him a few times, unused to the light, though dim, in the room.

“Oh, there you are,” whispered Blaine, grinning brightly at Kurt and all Kurt could do was grin right back at him, chest still heaving, heart still pounding.

Blaine leaned down and Kurt wrapped his arms around his shoulders and they kissed, deeply, tenderly.

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kind of an indoor girlglycerineclown on August 23rd, 2012 04:54 am (UTC)
♥___________♥ *fans self*

Thank you very, very much for that.
Samdareu2beme on August 23rd, 2012 04:56 am (UTC)
heeheheh... im glad you liked it
lemmesay on August 23rd, 2012 08:28 am (UTC)
Whoa. That was seriously too hot for 10 am.
*flails uncontrollably*
Samdareu2beme on August 23rd, 2012 01:32 pm (UTC)
weee thank you
harusoraharusora on September 9th, 2012 05:27 pm (UTC)
The smut was so hot but it's always the sweet fluff that gets me. *sigh* emotional drabble makes me emotional ;-;
Samdareu2beme on September 9th, 2012 05:39 pm (UTC)
<3 im glad you liked it