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24 July 2012 @ 08:48 pm

Title: Meow
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine

Spoilers: AU S4
Word Count: 9,161
Rating: NC-17

Warning: RolePlaying without a safe word.

Blaine finds Kurt bent over his sewing machine working with his black one-piece suit from an old Glee performance. Turns out, Kurt was 'inspired' after watching Batman Returns one evening. Sexy catwoman roleplaying ensues.

A/N: This was written as a silly little porny one-shot to help me practice my smut writing... cuz I really don't feel confident in my smutty abilities. The beginning got a little more drawn out with build-up than I had meant and the ending might be a little abrupt. It was posted on my tumblr in 8 parts, so, it might seem a little choppy in places. I hoooope you guys can enjoy it and aren't totally creepy out or amused by my shitty word choices and smut-writing... at least Krista read parts of it over for me and fixed a few things beforehand, that saves you from a bit of my fail. Anyway, yeah... enough of my apologies and you can just... read it...

 “Kurt?” called out Blaine softly, pushing open the partially ajar bedroom door.

He could hear Kurt’s sewing machine whirring away and it made a small smile twitch at his lips. Of course he had been filled with second-hand devastation when Kurt had numbly approached him at his locker and simply handed him the letter from NYADA, but he couldn’t help but be pleased to have Kurt in Ohio with him for his senior year. He wouldn’t want to admit it out loud for fear of it sounding way too selfish, but he had been relieved to have Kurt close by, that they could go to New York together instead of attempting a long distance relationship for a year.

After getting over the initial shock of not being accepted into NYADA, after hours of clutching to Blaine and sobbing into his neck, after too many cheesecakes to count, Kurt had, in very much his character, metaphorically picked himself up and dusted himself off. It was something Blaine loved and admired about him, one of the first things that really stuck out to him about Kurt when they had initially met.

Though the mourning over NYADA was a hurricane, it was a short-lived one and soon Kurt was looking at his options. When Brittany, of all people, had suggested Kurt get into fashion, Blaine had practically seen the light bulb flicking on above Kurt’s head. Kurt had hastened to look into all the different fashion schools New York had to offer, which was a lot, and once finding a few he was interested in, he had looked into their admission information. He needed to present them with a portfolio. That summer Blaine had helped Kurt rearrange his room to fit a sewing table and his mother’s sewing machine. Kurt spent hours doodling different clothing concepts in sketch books, digging through the bargain sections at the local fabric store, and fiddling with his sewing machine.

And, that was how Blaine found himself stepping into Kurt’s bedroom to the familiar repetitive thump-thump-thumping of the needle going in and out of what Kurt was sewing as he fed the fabric through the machine between presser foot and feed dogs.

“Kurt?” he asked again, taking in the form of his gorgeous boyfriend hunched over his sewing table. His brow furrowed when he turned his focus from Kurt’s profile to the shiny black material he was working with. “Is that your Glee costume from when we did Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’?”

That got Kurt’s attention and he let out an adorable little squeak, toes lifting from the pedal at his feet causing the sewing machine’s movements to come to an abrupt halt. He looked up, his cheeks pinking and an embarrassed smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” he said in pitch a little bit higher than regular.

Blaine’s eyebrows drew together in confusion and curiosity while he gave Kurt a crooked smile. Kurt simply stared back at him before startling with a jolt.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Kurt. “I’m sorry! I’m late; that’s why you’re here. We were supposed to meet for coffee after you were done school for the day.”

Smiling warmly, Blaine called Kurt’s name to get him to stop scrambling to put everything away.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said when he finally had Kurt’s attention.

He stepped around Kurt’s sewing table and pile of fabric to stand behind Kurt and kiss his cheek. Kurt hummed happily and leaned back when Blaine leaned over him to embrace him from behind.

“So,” prompted Blaine, giving Kurt a squeeze. “What are you making?

Kurt stiffened in his arms for a millisecond but then seemed to force himself to relax.

“Well,” started Kurt, reaching to fiddle nervously with the shiny black material sprawled over his table. “Remember when you and Tina decided to have that Tim Burton marathon the other weekend?”

Blaine chuckled and nodded his head against the side of Kurt’s.

“Yes,” he said. “And you complained.”

“It isn’t that I’m not a fan of Tim Burton and his work,” started Kurt, defensively. “It was just that your selections from his extensive collection were not my first choices.”

“So, what does this have to do with you sewing your Michael Jackson onesie?” asked Blaine, amusement in his voice and his arms still wrapped around Kurt.

“Oh my g… Blaine!” groaned Kurt. “Do not call it an onesie. Why do you always call it an onesie!?”

Blaine laughed and shrugged, pressing his face closer to Kurt’s neck, his nose pressing just behind Kurt’s ear. He grinned when he felt Kurt involuntarily shudder at the tickling of his breath.

“Do you even know what an onesie is, Blaine?” asked Kurt, exasperation in his voice. “Do you?”

“I’m sorry,” laughed Blaine, not even a little bit sorry for teasing.

Kurt harrumphed in exaggerated annoyance. Blaine, all smiles, waited for Kurt to decide he had made his point and continue. It didn’t take long.

“I was… inspired,” Kurt started, his voice coming out disdainful and matter-of-factly letting Blaine know he was feeling a little nervous. “Inspired by Michele Pfeiffer’s costume in Batman Returns; which, I can’t believe you two made me sit through, by the way.”

Blaine would have tried teasing him, insisting that Kurt had loved the Batman movies, but his mouth had suddenly gone dry and he was having a hard time swallowing. Was Kurt really implying what Blaine thought he was implying? Blaine unwrapped his arms from Kurt to instead brace himself on the back of Kurt’s chair.

“So…” he breathed out.

“Halloween is coming,” said Kurt with a shrug. “I thought, since I already have this shiny, leather suit, maybe I could alter it to look similar. It would be a good learning exercise for me anyway.”

Blaine’s brain decided to helpfully flash back to a few of the more sultry scenes of the movie where Michelle Pfeiffer had moved so cat-like and sexily in that moment. He was certain he would actually die if Kurt were to fill that role. Kurt was nothing if not a perfectionist when it came to playing roles.

“Blaine?” asked Kurt, his voice sounding a little worried. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” squeaked Blaine.

Clearing his throat a few times, Blaine straightened and tried to appear more dignified.

“So,” he started, his voice still slightly shaky. “Do you really plan on being Catwoman for Halloween?”

Kurt hummed noncommittally.

“Did you want to be my Batman?” he asked, resuming sewing.

Hell, yes.

Halloween was only a week away the next time Kurt’s black leather suit came up. Not that Blaine had forgotten about the mental imagery the concept of Kurt as catwoman had provided him –on the contrary, it had quickly become the leading role in all his fantasies. So, when Blaine stepped into Kurt’s bedroom after receiving a vague and odd couple of text messages asking him to come over for a viewing, it was a wet dream come true to see his boyfriend standing in the middle of the room in a tight cat suit.

“Blaine,” exhaled Kurt in relief, turning to look at Blaine who stood awestruck in the doorway. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Noises tumbled out of Blaine’s dry mouth in response but not a single one resembled an English word. Blaine grimaced and stepped into Kurt’s room, pulling the door gently shut behind him.

“I need your help with this,” explained Kurt, turning his attention back to his suit completely unaffected (or maybe just oblivious) by just how affected Blaine was. “I’m thinking I might have to actually stitch the arms on while I’m wearing it; I can’t seem to get the seam right otherwise.”

Blaine raked his eyes over his boyfriend’s body in the tight black catsuit, shining where the light hit and emphasised the lines and curves of Kurt’s body. Kurt was fumbling with pulling tight black cylindrical material over his arms up to his shoulders to pin to the body of the suit. He spoke from behind teeth that were clamped down on a number of pins.

“Can you hold this for me?” he asked, looking back over at Blaine.

Nodding too enthusiastically, Blaine walked on stiff legs to Kurt’s side. He held the top of the arm overlapping under the shoulder like he was shown while Kurt attempted to pin it. It was awkward with too many elbows and hands wanting to be in the same place but Kurt managed to pin it into place.

“I don’t know what I was thinking attempting this with myself as the model,” sighed Kurt before working on pulling the other sleeve up.

Blaine pushed Kurt’s hands away, knowing he’d end up pulling out his pins with the way he was moving his shoulder, and pulled up the second sleeve for him. Kurt shivered when Blaine’s fingers brushed lightly under the shoulder opening of the suit against his warm skin. Blaine had to bite his lips together to keep from grinning. It had been nearly a year since they had taken their relationship to a sexual level together and still, even the most innocent of touches could elicit electric responses from each other.

“Thank you,” said Kurt breathily when Blaine pulled away after second arm was pinned in place.

Blaine let his eyes slowly travel down Kurt, taking in the lean length of him still so masculine despite the corset hugging his waist so snuggly adding extra curve to a body that really didn’t need the help. The fabric clung tightly over Kurt’s hips and ass, even tighter still over his thighs all the way down past his knees where it ended abruptly at the middle of his shins.

“It’ll be better with the boots,” defended Kurt, seeing where Blaine’s eyes had stopped.

Blaine nodded, mouth still dry.

“So...” started Kurt, drawing out the sound of the word. “What do you think?”

“I... yeah... yeah,” stammered Blaine dumbly, nodding his head while mentally telling at himself to stop ogling his boyfriend and meet his eyes.

It was like lifting a heavy weight drawing his eyes up and away from the taught black material stretched over Kurt’s body, but Blaine persevered and eventually found Kurt’s stormy grey eyes which were filled with taunting amusement.

“You like what you see?” asked Kurt, a smirk beginning to form on his face.

“When I’m looking at you? Always,” answered Blaine, internally congratulating himself on finding his regular speaking voice.

Kurt rolled his eyes at the cheesy sentiment but his smirk turned into a genuine smile. They smiled at each other for a few moments before Kurt turned his attention back to the suit he was wearing.

“I ordered this corset online,” said Kurt, running his fingers across his ribcage. “It’s just a light-weight PVC waist cincher –I can’t believe I’m wearing something PVC, Blaine. It just makes me think of all those fetish websites that we looked at that one time and I don’t know how I should feel about that.”

Blaine bit his lip to keep from grinning too widely; he knew exactly how he felt about it.

“So, I sewed it into the suit,” continued Kurt after giving Blaine a meaningful huff.

He ran his fingertip along the nearly flawless seam where the shiny fabric of his Michael Jackson bodysuit (barely recognizable as such now that it had been altered to fit so closely) met and covered corset. Mesmerized, Blaine followed its route with his eyes. He wanted to send a message back to Blaine of two years ago and tell him about the boy he was about to meet on a staircase because there was no way he’d believe him. He still sometimes had a hard time believing that he had someone like Kurt; this was definitely one of those times.

“So, you’re definitely planning on wearing this for Halloween?” asked Blaine, blushing when he realized Kurt had still been explaining about the suit and he had just interrupted him.

“I... yes?” answered Kurt, suddenly looking insecure. “Do you think I shouldn’t?”

Blaine smiled warmly, Kurt’s moment of insecurity humanizing the delicious black demon enough for Blaine’s brain to wake up from its fantasies. Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt’s middle and gave him a squeeze.

“Of course,” he said, leaning in to kiss down his jaw. “Whatever you want to wear will be fantastic. I just need to start looking for a Batman suit if this is the plan.”

“It’s the plan,” Kurt squeaked in reply.

“Mmm, good,” Blaine murmured against Kurt’s cheek before sucking softly at the thin skin behind his ear.

“Blaaaine,” groaned Kurt, pushing him away. “You’re going to get stuck with a pin.”

“A risk I’m willing to take,” replied Blaine with a grin that had Kurt immediately rolling his eyes.

“Okay, go sit over there and entertain yourself,” commanded Kurt, gesturing to his bed. “I need to sew these arms.”

“Yes, my pet,” answered Blaine cheekily as he obeyed.

Kurt scoffed at Blaine’s choice in words but Blaine could see the corner of his mouth twitching into a small smile as he got a needle ready with thread.

Blaine got into the car and leaned his forehead against the steering wheel. He let out a frustrated sigh as Kurt settled into the passenger seat beside him, small shopping bag in hand.

“I’m sorry, Kurt,” breathed out Blaine miserably. “I should have gone out looking way before this. I’m so sorry.”

They had spent Saturday afternoon looking all over Lima for a Batman costume but with Halloween only six days away and the Batman movie that had come out that past summer, everywhere they looked had been completely sold out of all things Batman related.

“Hey,” Kurt said softly, reaching across the vehicle to touch Blaine’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, okay?”

“You worked so hard on your costume,” said Blaine miserably. “All I had to do was buy a matching one.”

Kurt looked down at his hands where they were fiddling with the small plastic bag on his lap that contained the black fake fingernails he had purchased to complete his costume. He suddenly looked nervous, like a child who realized he had just been caught in a lie. Blaine furrowed his brow.


“I may have lied about why I was making that costume,” admitted Kurt, not meeting Blaine’s eyes.

“What?” asked Blaine in surprise.

“I hadn’t actually planned on wearing it for Halloween,” said Kurt, finally looking up from his hands but still not looking over at Blaine. Instead, he looked straight out the windshield, eyes staring unseeingly at the red and gold trees framing the mall parking lot. “I only said that because you caught me with it and I was surprised and embarrassed and then it turned into this big thing. I’m sorry for lying.”

Brown still furrowed, Blaine titled his head to the side, wishing Kurt would just look at him.

“What was it for, then?” asked Blaine.

He watched as Kurt bit his lip and shook his head.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed around me, Kurt,” said Blaine, reaching across the gear shift to touch the bare skin of Kurt’s forearm. “I thought we were always honest with each other.”

“Are you mad?” asked Kurt, finally daring to glance sideways at Blaine.

Blaine hesitated a moment, running through his emotions to double check exactly what he was feeling and give a name to each one. Finally, he shook his head and gave Kurt the smallest of smiles.

“Surprised,” he concluded. “Surprised, confused, curious... maybe a little disappointed that you don’t feel as comfortable telling me things than I’d hope you’d be at this point in our relationship.”

“Mostly curious,” Blaine amended when he saw Kurt’s face fall at his last words.

“I was planning on talking to you about it,” defended Kurt. “I just... I got caught off-guard and panicked.”

Blaine thought back to weeks earlier when he walked into Kurt’s room after Kurt had missed their coffee date to find him seated at his sewing machine. He remembered how Kurt had squeaked in surprise when he realized Blaine was there and how his cheeks had pinked and he had smiled in embarrassment. Blaine had just assumed he had been embarrassed for having forgotten to meet him at the Lima Bean, but now he was remembering that Kurt hadn’t even realized he had missed the date until after he had spoke.

“Will you tell me, now?” asked Blaine, smiling reassuringly at Kurt.

“I kind of owe you an explanation, anyway, don’t I,” said Kurt, sheepishly.

At Blaine’s nod, Kurt took a deep breath and continued.

“You know how you said it would be fun to try new things... sexually?” asked Kurt, his voice going a little shrill and quiet on the last word.

“I said now that we’re comfortable with each other, I wouldn’t be opposed to experimentation in the bedroom if there was anything you were wanting to try,” corrected Blaine, nodding as he spoke.

Kurt huffed at the interruption. Blaine smiled apologetically and shrugged a shoulder for Kurt to go on.

“I was thinking it might be fun to... I thought... you seemed to really like some of the things we saw on that website... I...” Kurt sighed and closed his eyes. “I was making the costume for us... for that.”

Blaine’s eyes widened comically.

“I... wow.”

Kurt chuckled softly, but he was frowning.

“Hey,” said Blaine, grasping Kurt’s hand in his. “Hey... that’s... yeah... I would really like that.”

Kurt laughed then, really laughed. A shaky smile curled the corners of his mouth and he glanced over at Blaine. His eyes were so vividly blue in that moment that Blaine’s breath caught in his throat.

“You should see your face right now,” Kurt said which caused Blaine to flush and suddenly be the bashful one.

“So,” said Blaine after a few beats. “Are you... is that... is that still the plan? Because, because my parents are away all this weekend.”

Kurt laughed again, this time a loud guffaw that turned into giddy giggles.

“Oh, Blaine,” said Kurt through giggles.

Blaine gave him a pleading look and Kurt grinned.

“Take me home you sexual deviant,” demanded Kurt, smacking Blaine’s shoulder playfully.

Pouting, Blaine picked up his keys and started the car.  When he leaned over a little to watch over his shoulder as he backed out of the parking spot, Kurt quickly surprised him with a kiss to his lips. Blaine hit the break and the car lurched to a stop, though it had only been just beginning to roll backwards.

“Kurt,” exclaimed Blaine in exaggerated affront. “Distracted driving!”

Kurt fell back into his seat, laughter bubbling in his chest as if getting his secret out in the open had lifted a weight from him.

“I think we’ll survive,” answered Kurt with a shrug and bright smile. “I trust your driving skills.”

Blaine narrowed his eyes at him but the hint of a smile was pulling at his face. Kurt raised his hands in surrender and Blaine gave him a disproving look before turning his attention back over his shoulder. They backed out of the parking spot and were just leaving the parking lot before Kurt let out an inflated sigh of mock resignation.

“If you’ll give me an hour or two to finish up the costume,” he said jiggling the bag around as if giving Blaine an example of one of the things he needed to do to finish it. “I could come by your house after.”

A ridiculous grin spread across Blaine’s face and Kurt rolled his eyes but smiled.

Blaine was giddy with anticipation as he paced his bedroom while waiting for Kurt’s arrival. His cell phone was still clutched in his right hand from when he had received the text from Kurt saying he was just leaving his place. Blaine would stop his pacing every so often to hurriedly straighten something that caught his eye before he was back to the repetitive footfalls. He stopped in his tracks when he heard a car door shut. He listened for a moment, ears straining, then he was out of his room and jogging down the stairs.

Kurt was just closing the front door behind him when Blaine reached the large foyer of the Anderson home. Back to Blaine, Kurt pulled something from his jacket pocket and ducked down to pull it over his head. Blaine came to an abrupt halt when he caught sight of Kurt, breath catching in his throat. Kurt was wearing his long wool coat even though it was still fairly warm out. If it hadn’t been made obvious from the mask he had just pulled on, the glossy shine of the tight material clinging to his legs and the tall, lace-up combat boots would have indicated that Kurt was already in costume under the long coat.

When their eyes met, a slow, devilish smirk began to twist Kurt’s lips and his eyes flashed feral and mischievous. Blaine struggled to swallow; his eyes growing wide as Kurt slipped out of the coat and gracefully moved to hang it at the door, stretching his spine unnecessarily long to reach the hook. Blaine’s eyes travelled over the black length of him, all tight material showcasing an equally tight body beneath. The material was shining and stretching over emphasized muscle and bone.

When Blaine did manage to swallow, it was an audible gulp. Wrapped around Kurt’s waist and hanging at his side towards his back was a long, black, leather whip. Kurt turned to Blaine after hanging his coat and smiled devilishly.

“Blaine,” he said by way of greeting and the lower register and way he drew out the single word caused goosebumps to form on Blaine’s arms.

Kurt stalked forward with his chin down and his head slightly tilted, he looked like a predator stalking its prey. Blaine took a few steps backward, the natural self-preservationist inside him advising his body to flee.

“Kurt, what are you...” stammered Blaine in confusion.

Still grinning, Kurt began to circle Blaine with slow, deliberate steps. It was then that it finally sunk in; Kurt was in character. This wasn’t going to be just some silly game where Kurt dressed in his costume and they giggled their way through fun sexy-times; Kurt was in performance mode, completely lost to the role he was playing. Blaine’s sweet Kurt was gone and in his place stood the sexily terrifying dominatrix, Catwoman –well, in this case, Catman, but that just didn’t have the same ring to it.

“Do you want to...” started Blaine, but his tongue felt too large and dull in his mouth. “Shall I show you my room?”

Kurt came to a stop directly in front of Blaine and gave him a pleased smile. He lifted his chin and slowly closed his eyes, humming out a purr of satisfaction at Blaine’s suggestion.

“Uh, okay then,” stammered Blaine before awkwardly turning to lead Kurt up the familiar stairs to the room they had been together in countless times before.

He nearly fell on his face when he felt cold, long nails touch lightly to his back as they walked. Blaine glanced sideways to see Kurt walking with him, just a step below, with his hand now hovering at the small of Blaine’s back. He couldn’t believe just how affected he was by Kurt’s transformation. Blaine took a deep breath when they reached the door to his room, trying to mentally prepare himself for whatever would go down once they were inside. Excitement and trepidation caused his heart to stammer and thump in his chest fast seemingly without rhythm. He had to silently remind himself that underneath it all, this was still just Kurt.

Blaine opened the door and stepped to the side to let Kurt walk in ahead of him.

“Kitties first,” he said lamely with an awkward laugh that sounded too shaky and high-pitched.

Kurt raised an eyebrow at him but gracefully stepped past into the bedroom. Blaine pulled the door shut and stood facing it for a beat before taking a deep breath and turning to face Kurt, hoping his nerves would last the evening. Kurt was already elegantly poised on the bed when Blaine turned around. The black cat-suit stood out from the cream and pale plaid linen, in both contrast and texture. Blaine found himself fidgeting and chewing on his bottom lip, two habits both unfamiliar to him.

Raising himself into a sitting position, legs open wide, Kurt twisted his body into a position that looked simultaneously uncomfortable and deliciously sexy. Blaine was hypnotised by unblinking, intense-blue eyes and felt his legs carry him across his bedroom floor of their own accord until his was standing before Kurt, waiting for instructions.

Kurt leaned forward with a delighted smirk on his red lips. He touched a gloved finger to Blaine’s chest and slowly ran it down. The long black nail pressed gently but threateningly through the light material of Blaine’s shirt into over-warm skin. Blaine shuddered.

Kurt’s finger left Blaine from where it had stopped at his abdomen and in one swift movement, Kurt grabbed for his whip and threw it around Blaine’s shoulders, using it to pull his face down to be in line with Kurt’s own. Kurt slowly licked his lips before leaning in like he was going to kiss Blaine. Eyes fluttering shut, Blaine parted his lips in expectation only to be pushed backward, losing his balance and nearly falling on the floor.

“Meow,” said Kurt in a low, bored voice.

Blaine blinked at him a few times, straightening when the whip slid off his shoulders. He watched as Kurt wrapped it in a tight circle in his hands before setting it down at the foot of the bed. He slowly slid his legs, one at a time, to the side of the bed and got to his feet. Each movement Kurt made was slow and sensual and deliberate.

“What,” croaked Blaine before clearing his throat and trying again. “What do you want me to do?”

Kurt drew up to his full height, the heels of his combat boots making him even taller and giving Blaine the sense of being towered over. Kurt ran a finger down the side of Blaine’s face and under his jaw before pressing and tilting his head up. They locked eyes and Kurt leaned in to lick over Blaine’s lips. Then he moved so his lips were mere millimetres from Blaine’s ear and breathed hot against the sensitive skin there.

“Take off your clothes,” demanded Kurt in a whisper before leaning back out of Blaine’s personal space.

Blaine was quick to acquiesce, hands immediately grasping at the leather and buckle of his belt.  Once it was undone and loosened, Blaine quickly reached for the top buttons of his shirt, undoing just enough that he could pull the shirt up over his head. Then he was popping open his fly, pushing down his jeans and briefs and stepping out of them, leaving his clothes in a rumpled pile on the floor. Kurt’s eyes were intense on his skin and he looked up in time to see them visibly darken.

Blaine stood completely nude, his dick already hard and curving upward in anticipation. Like a demonic kitty, Kurt licked his lips and unhurriedly stepped into Blaine’s personal space. He put his hands on Blaine’s shoulders and bodily turned and backed him up until the backs of Blaine’s knees were touching against the side of the bed.

“Sit,” commanded Kurt, putting a little pressure on Blaine’s shoulders for emphasis.

Immediately obeying, Blaine sunk down into the bed; his eyes locked on Kurt’s and head tilting with the change in angle between their faces. Kurt grinned. He pushed Blaine’s legs apart with his knees as he stepped in between them.

“Good boy,” he said seductively, running fingertips up both sides of Blaine’s neck to capture his face.

He leaned in, eyelids heavy, and Blaine’s own fluttered shut as his lips parted in expectation. Warm breath blew softly against his lips but, again, no kiss came.  Blaine opened his eyes to meet bright blue ones staring back at him, so close that they took up his entire vision. He swallowed nervously and waited for Kurt to do something. Finally, Kurt leaned in the last millimetre and pressed their lips together in the most delicious of ways. Blaine’s breathing stuttered and he inhaled deeply through his nose as Kurt tilted his head into the kiss, both hands still holding Blaine’s face captive. Lips parted and tongue teased, but only enough to leave Blaine wanting more. He tried to press forward into the kiss, opening his mouth wider, but it only caused Kurt to pull back and shake his head disapprovingly at him.

“In a hurry, are we?” he asked in the same, lazy tone he’d been using since he had arrived.

Blaine couldn’t help but be in a hurry, his cock beginning to ache where it was hard and waiting. He just wanted Kurt to stop teasing and do something. The entire scenario was driving him absolutely insane with arousal.

“I like your enthusiasm,” spoke Kurt again, grinning as he slowly sunk down to his knees on the floor.

He reached behind him and gripped at the back of the black mask covering his head before pulling it off. Dropping it to the floor without taking his eyes off Blaine, he grinned cockily and even without the mask, he was the embodiment of a feline villain. His hands ran down Blaine’s chest and abdomen as he went. Once he was settled on the floor between Blaine’s legs, he ran his smooth, black hands up and down Blaine’s thighs, still not taking his eyes off Blaine’s. His gaze was mesmerising and Blaine didn’t dare look away. Kurt continued to watch him, his grin widening as he slowly moved his mouth closer and closer to Blaine’s dick which was twitching in anticipation of the possibilities of their new position. Kurt stopped moving when his lips were just about to make contact with the head and Blaine thought he might explode with sexual frustration. He could feel Kurt’s hot breath seeping over his heated skin with each of Kurt’s soft exhales and he wanted nothing more than to push his hips forward, but he remained still, obediently waiting.

“You are such a good boy,” praised Kurt and Blaine imagined he could actually feel the sound waves against his dick.

Finally, Kurt’s eyes flicked down and he tilted his head and leaned in to press his tongue at the very base of Blaine’s dick. He licked a long, heavy stripe up the underside and Blaine’s entire body, hypersensitive and raw with want, shuddered at the sensation. After a few licks to the head, Kurt sunk down over him, taking in as much of Blaine’s length as he could manage. Blaine groaned in delighted relief, falling backward onto the bed. Kurt sucked and bobbed for a few minutes before pulling off completely. Letting out a frustrated whine, Blaine pushed himself up on his elbows.

“Don’t come yet,” commanded Kurt.

He crawled up onto the bed to straddle him, a knee on either side of Blaine’s hips. Leaning down so his body was draped over Blaine’s, Kurt kissed him open-mouthed and dirty so Blaine could taste the hint of his own pre-come on Kurt’s tongue.

Kurt took hold of Blaine’s right hand as he kissed him and brought it up to the back of his neck, directing Blaine’s fingertips to touch against the zipper that had once been located at the front of the bodysuit before the alterations had been made. Though his mind was hazy with lust, Blaine quickly caught on and took hold of the pull tab and began to unzip the taut black suit. He could only reach so far in their position, but he was able to get it open far enough that Kurt could easily reach behind himself to do the rest. The zipper followed his spine down over his tailbone, under his ass and a few inches down the inside of his left thigh. Just the line of the zipper was achingly sensual to Blaine. He could see over Kurt’s shoulder, the sharp contrast of shiny black leather and PVC against newly exposed pale skin. Even unzipped, the majority of the suit still clung tightly to Kurt.

“Lube,” demanded Kurt in a whisper against the side of Blaine’s head.

Blaine was quick to reach for the bottle waiting just for them on his night table. Kurt pulled off his gloves while he waited and set them beside them on the bed.

“Condom,” was Kurt’s second demand as he accepted the bottle from Blaine’s trembling hand.

He tore the condom wrapper open after the small, square packet was pressed in his hand. Blaine’s entire body was thrumming with heat and anticipation and desire as he waited. He nearly yelled out in surprise when Kurt rolled the condom down his dick, having expected Kurt to wear the condom himself. Ignoring Blaine’s surprise, Kurt squeezed a dollop of lube into his palm before grasping Blaine’s sheathed dick. Blaine moaned as Kurt pumped his fist over him a few times whined when Kurt let go. But then Kurt was moving a few inches up his body and lining Blaine’s dick up with his hole. Blaine let out a long, low groan of appreciation when Kurt tentatively sunk down onto him.

“Kuuurrt,” ground out Blaine while forcing himself to stay still as Kurt slowly worked his way down on him.

Kurt moved slow, allowing himself time to adjust to the hot intrusion. Groaning in ecstasy, Blaine forced himself to open his eyes when he realized they had fluttered shut. He was greeted with the sight of Kurt, now fully seated, perched atop him in that damned black Catwoman costume that would never mean the same thing to Blaine after this. It was clear to Blaine that Kurt had prepared himself before getting into costume and coming over... and that was the second hottest thing Kurt had ever done, this being the first... so much.

“Ugh, Kurt,” ground out Blaine when Kurt lifted up and pressed back down.

His hands found Kurt’s hips, fingertips pressing tightly into smooth material, feeling warmth radiating from the hot skin beneath. He held on tightly as Kurt began to rock down onto him, riding Blaine in earnest. Blaine pressed into him, meeting his downward presses with upward thrusts that momentarily buried him deeply inside and increasing the aching pleasure spreading wildly through his body.

“Kurt,” exhaled Blaine. “You are so amazing, I...”

Kurt lifted one of his hands from where he was bracing himself with a vice-grip on the roundness of Blaine’s shoulders and touched a finger to Blaine’s lips.

“Shh,” Kurt whispered sexily, his cocky demeanor and therianthropic personality still intact even with a buried in his ass... NYADA truly made a tragic mistake not accepting him. “Stay quiet and let me.”

Blaine bit his lip and simply let Kurt, just as he had demanded. Kurt worked himself into a steady rhythm, hard enough to make Blaine wonder if he would disappear into the mattress below, slow enough to keep his arousal at a steady ache, and, yet, simultaneously fast enough to keep a constant flow of grunts and moans echoing from the back of Blaine’s throat. The strength of Kurt’s thighs allowed him full use of his arms while he continued the climb-and-fall motions, and he ran his bare hands over his black-clad chest, up his throat and then down his abdomen to press at his cock which must have been screaming from where it was trapped behind a wall of taut pleather. Blaine wanted to free it, but at the same time, he wanted to keep Kurt confined in the tight suit that showcased his boyfriend’s sex appeal so dramatically.

Kurt’s teasing face, sultry and so very pleased with himself, morphed into a more familiar sex-face on Blaine’s next thrust and it was Blaine’s turn to grin. They rocked together, Kurt picking up speed and moving his hands back to Blaine’s shoulders to brace himself. Unzipped and growing slick with sweat, Kurt’s suit was slipping down from his shoulders, exposing more and more of his back but staying caught on the bulk of his biceps.

 Blaine’s body was buzzing and he could feel tightening in his testicles as blissful tingles began to race through his body. He wanted to hold out, he wanted to last, but it was only a few more thrusts up into Kurt’s tight heat before he could do nothing other than fall apart. He allowed himself the frivolity of crying out when his climax hit, losing himself to the sensations as they rocked through him.

He was panting when he came back down from the trip, his eyes slowly blinking open and his smile lazy. Kurt was looking smug where he was still perched atop him; Blaine’s gradually softening cock still happily captive in his slick hole.

“Enjoy yourself?” asked Kurt with a raised eyebrow.

Blaine simply sighed, releasing Kurt’s hips and moving to fold his arms behind his head. Pushing himself up and letting Blaine’s length fall free from him, Kurt pulled at Blaine’s shoulders.

“I don’t think so,” exclaimed Kurt, voice laced with subtle amusement. “We’re not done, yet. I scratched your back... time for you to scratch mine.”

Crouching, he pushed Blaine, almost roughly, into a half sitting position with his shoulder blades pressed against his headboard. Boneless, Blaine just stayed where he had been pushed and watched with heavy lids as Kurt peeled the rest of the way out of his cat suit after unclasping the extra fastenings of his corset. Kurt let out an almost-pained sigh of relief when his dick was freed from the confines of the material. He tilted his head back, clearly reveling in the reprieve. His white neck was flushed light pink as an extension of the dark blush on his chest, beautiful proof of the exertion involved in their activities, and Blaine just wanted to drag his tongue over it to collect the salty moisture that shone there.

“I want your tongue elsewhere,” whispered Kurt surprising Blaine and making him realize he had actually voiced his thoughts.

Completely naked and dishevelled, Kurt should have just looked like Kurt to Blaine, but his persona was still intact –would it ever drop?

“I want you to blow me,” Kurt demanded with a low growl as he grabbed the whip where it was still lying at the foot of the bed.

Though his eyes were immediately drawn to the imposing presence of the coiled whip in Kurt’s hand, a slow grin spread across Blaine’s face. He would use his mouth on Kurt until he was a bumbling mess and could no longer stay in character.

Blaine’s plans where suddenly interrupted when he saw Kurt unwind the whip; twisting and stretching the leather before reaching for Blaine’s wrists.

“What are you...” started Blaine.

Kurt shushed him, wrapping the end of the whip around Blaine’s wrist before moving his arms above his head. Shocked, Blaine waited silently as Kurt wrapped the leather around both wrists, binding them together. When Kurt was finished, Blaine gave a few experimental tugs and twists to the bind but he was most definitely confined. His body shuddered at the thought, his over-heated skin pricking into goosebumps and his nipples pebbling. Kurt climbed onto him, straddling his waist and grinning smugly. His new position was going to make it difficult for Blaine to get the upper hand but he hadn’t lost hope just yet.

Kurt shimmied up Blaine’s torso until he was perched with his weight sitting lightly over Blaine’s pectorals. They had never been in that particular position before and Blaine could feel his heart rate pick up at the explicit view that greeted him and the sensation of Kurt’s bare ass resting on his chest, lewdly moist with come and lube.

“Do you think you can handle this?” asked Kurt, it sounded like a taunt, maybe even a bit like a dare, but Blaine had a feeling it was also Kurt’s way of checking in without breaking character.

Blaine licked his lips, focusing his eyes on the long, flushed cock arcing upward mere inches from his face, and nodded enthusiastically. He didn’t look up to see the pleased smirk that crossed Kurt’s face in response but he could hear it in his voice when he spoke again.

“Good,” purred Kurt. “Now open up so I can fuck your throat.”

The demand had Blaine’s eyes widening; Kurt never spoke like that.  He glanced away from the cock taking up the majority of his field of vision to try to see Kurt’s face. Kurt’s cheeks were flushed with a light dusting of pink and Blaine wasn’t sure if it was residual from the exertion involved with their fucking or if saying the specific demand had caused the blush. Their eyes met and Kurt raised an eyebrow at him as if he was waiting for Blaine to follow orders.

“Oh, right,” exclaimed Blaine, turning his attention back to the dick curving proudly in front of him and opening his mouth invitingly.

Kurt raised himself up and angled his hips so that he could slowly begin to press into Blaine’s waiting mouth. Blaine worked at relaxing and accepting the intrusion, resolutely pushing aside any feelings of claustrophobia that were creeping up on him so that he could simply enjoy the new experience. He tugged at the black, leather restraint, wanting to grab hold of Kurt’s hips and press his fingers into the soft flesh just above the jutting handles of his pelvis. Arms still trapped, he had only to focus his attention on his task.

He sucked at the cock offered him, tongue pressing firm and flat against the underside, everything tasting salty and bitter and deliciously, familiarly like Kurt. He had always loved the weight and girth of Kurt in his mouth, ever since his first attempt at blowing him. This position, as erotic as it was, was cause for frustration in Blaine. He had no power; all he could do was accept. He wanted to rip his arms apart from where they were raised and connected over his head, grab Kurt by the shoulders and throw him to his back. He wanted to weigh down heavily atop Kurt and lick down his chest and abdomen. He wanted to lick over Kurt’s dick and balls, to suck bruises into the insides of his thighs while he writhed and squirmed and gasped. He wanted to make him come completely undone, to fall hopelessly out of character because he was so overwhelmed. Blaine groaned at the thought and simply continued to suck and finally swallow around the dick in his mouth.

“Uugh, Yes,” groaned Kurt from above him and Blaine wanted to grin but his mouth was too full.

Even with his movement completely taken away from him, Blaine could feel powerful in his ability to take Kurt. He swallowed around Kurt’s dick some more, his arms flexing sorely with need to wrap around him and his shoulders aching from the unfamiliar strain. Kurt was fucking into him in rhythm not long later, panting softly and still cat-like in his demeanor. Despite how demanding he was being, how deviantly in-character he stayed, he was also careful –so careful with Blaine. Not too much weight, not too much force, and Kurt’s eyes always on him watching his reactions closely.

Kurt could be bossy in and out of the bedroom at times, but this was completely different and so, absolutely, hot. Blaine could feel himself beginning to harden again, oversensitive and spent but still so very turned on by the gorgeous boy thrusting smoothly into his mouth. He couldn’t help but strain against his bindings with want to touch and grab. Kurt took pity on him a few thrusts later, his rhythm stuttering as he turned his attention to unwrapping the whip from Blaine’s wrists. Blaine tried his best not to react to the sudden loosening of the leather but internally he was celebrating. As sexy as he realized he found it to be bound and used by Kurt, he had plans.

The moment he was finally free from his binds, Blaine’s earlier fantasies came alive as he grabbed for Kurt, pushing him backward and bodily pressing him down into the bedding.

“The hell!?” screeched Kurt, gracelessly flailing his arms before landing on his back with a small ‘oof’.

Blaine grinned wickedly down at Kurt leaning in to kiss him dirtily, letting him taste himself on Blaine’s tongue. When he pulled back from the kiss it was only far enough so that he could move his swollen lips without interference from Kurt’s.

“You’ve been a very naughty kitty,” whispered Blaine, his voice low and hoarse from accepting Kurt’s thick dick.

He could feel Kurt’s body stiffen and shudder beneath him at his words and his grin only turned more devilish as a result. He leaned in to nip sharply at the underside of Kurt’s jaw before sliding down his body to return his mouth to Kurt’s dick, this time completely in control of the situation.

Hands holding tightly to firm thighs, Blaine moved in to press his swollen lips to Kurt’s hipbone before dragging his tongue down to the base of Kurt’s dick. Neatly trimmed pubic hair prickled, wiry and coarse,  against his face as he breathed hotly over the velvety skin there. Kurt let out a whine and pushed himself up on his elbows to glare down at Blaine.

“I liked this better when I was on top,” Kurt quipped sharply.

Blaine let out a soft chuckle, the breath of it causing Kurt’s entire body to tense further. Blaine could feel it under his hands, which were still gripping the bulky muscle of Kurt’s thighs. He licked and sucked at the sensitive skin all around Kurt’s dick, but leaving it untouched and aching. Another groan from Kurt made Blaine grin against the soft skin. He could imagine Kurt was nearly in agony having been hard through a thorough fucking as well as long-winded, but unfinished oral sex. Still, he teased.

He pressed the tip of his tongue into the crease of thigh and hip and licked up to jutting hip bones before returning back down to do the same to the other side. He licked a few broad strips over Kurt’s hot and twitching dick. He kissed the moist head, tip beading with precome. He licked and kissed Kurt’s testicles before sucking each ball into his mouth to lave his tongue against. Kurt was twitching and whining above him, reaching down to tangle shaky fingers into his hair. Blaine moved down further to press his tongue against Kurt’s hole, tasting lube and come and the strongest flavor of Kurt. He pressed his tongue against the stretched rim and Kurt, sensitive and wanting, let out a yelp while pulling sharply on Blaine’s hair.

“That’s enough,” he exclaimed, his voice broken and uneven but still so very demanding.

Blaine would have laughed at how hard Kurt was trying to stay in character if it weren’t for the sudden sting of fingers mercilessly pulling his head up by their grip in his hair. He let out a pained squeak as we was pulled away from Kurt’s dick, his own startlingly giving a twitch of interest at the sensation. He was learning some new and interesting things about himself.

Kurt pushed him down against the bed, crawling on top of him and attempting to hold him down. Blaine fought back, though. They wrestled each other, each trying to pin the other. After plenty of grappling, Blaine finally managed to get Kurt on his back and immobilized. Kurt panted heavily and glared up at him. In response, Blaine grinned down at him victoriously, his breathing coming out just as hard. The room was silent save for their breathing. The blankets were on the floor lying motionless and twisted like casualties of war. Blaine could feel Kurt’s dick pressed against the back of his ass where he was sitting on Kurt’s abdomen. He lifted his hips and slid down to press their groins together. Kurt hissed at the pressure and quickly thrust up against him.

They rutted together, greedily pressing and rocking.  Blaine raised his right hand, shifting his weight over to his left that was still bracing him from beside Kurt’s head, and gave it a few messy licks before reaching down between them to grasp their dicks.

“Uugghhh, Blaine,” groaned Kurt when his hand was wrapped around part of both of them, giving them the pressure and friction they both needed. “Yes, yes, yes.”

He worked his hips up into Blaine’s fist, his eyes tightly shut and his chest heaving with tight, harsh breaths. His dick, wet with precome and saliva, slid along tantalizingly against Blaine’s, causing them both to groan in ecstasy. Blaine could feel and see Kurt’s entire body going stiff and knew he was teetering just on the edge after waiting for so long. Right before Kurt came, though, Blaine let go and crawled off of Kurt. He practically cried out in frustration, opening his eyes and searching out Blaine to give him a look that was both stunned and angry, but also pleading.

Blaine knew he was being cruel but, somehow, the evening had turned into a competition and he was not going to lose. He just needed Kurt to beg; just one little plea and he would save him from his misery. He sat back on his haunches, ignoring his own stiff cock unabashedly rising in a slightly curved arc, and smiled sweetly across the bed at Kurt.

“Here kitty, kitty,” he called softly.

The scowl he was given was weak at best, so overshadowed by barely contained need. Blaine cocked his head to the side and grinned, lifting a hand to beckon Kurt with his finger. Kurt looked contemplative as if trying to figure out how to regain the upper hand. Finally he just smiled softly at Blaine as if all were forgiven and sat back down at the head of the bed, making himself comfortable. Then he took hold of himself and began to pump his fist up and down his dick. Blaine’s mouth fell open as he watched Kurt jerk himself off, preferring to finish by himself than to give in and beg.

“That’s cheating,” whined Blaine, crawling up the bed to be closer to his sexy boyfriend.

Kurt simply hummed in reply, not taking his eyes away from where they were locked   on his own dick and fist. He glanced up and out of the corner of his eye a few times to make sure Blaine was watching him, but otherwise kept his eyes lowered on himself. Blaine could feel a whine growing in the back of his throat. He wanted his hand there, or his mouth. Yes. His mouth. He wanted that dick in his mouth, the bitter taste on his tongue, the pressure at the entrance of his throat. He wanted Kurt to come inside him so he could swallow down his taste.

“Kurt,” pleaded Blaine, all thoughts of ‘winning’ lost to him.

“You’ve proven yourself unworthy,” gritted out Kurt, managing an air of snobbery even while fisting his cock and lifting his hips in time with each pump. “I’m doing it myself.”

“No, no, no, no, no, pleeeease,” Blaine whined out, grabbing at Kurt’s bicep to make him stop. “I’ll be good.”

Kurt paused and gave Blaine a measuring look.


With a sigh, Kurt released his hold on his dick.

“Lay back,” demanded Kurt, and Blaine was happy to do so.

Kurt crawled onto him, sitting on his chest and angling his dick toward Blaine’s mouth. Blaine opened enthusiastically and Kurt slid in. He sucked Kurt, tasting and loving every inch of his cock. Kurt was trembling as he carefully moved into a rhythm, using all his strength to hold himself back from thrusting hard and gagging Blaine. His control was amazing and Blaine couldn’t help but be in awe. He tilted his head to get the angle how he liked it for deep-throating, and then grabbed at Kurt’s hips, silently giving him permission to let go. He reached down with one hand and began to sloppily pump himself as he took Kurt.

 It was barely a dozen true thrusts before Kurt was finally coming, crying out in relief and euphoria as he came down Blaine’s throat. Blaine greedily swallowed all he could. Kurt slumped backward, pulling out of Blaine’s mouth and falling to the mattress next to him, one leg lying across his abdomen. Blaine sat up on his elbows and grinned over at Kurt who looked dazed.

“That was awesome,” chirped Blaine even though he felt hoarse.

“I thought I was going to die for a bit there,” admitted Kurt after a long pause.

Blaine’s grin grew and he was about to open his mouth to tease Kurt when it hit him... he might have made things more difficult, but Kurt had still come out the victor.

“Damnit,” groaned Blaine, letting himself fall back to the bed.

“What?” exclaimed Kurt in concerned surprise.

“You won,” sighed Blaine.

Kurt’s brow creased and he stared at Blaine in confusion until Blaine continued.

“You took advantage of me!” whined Blaine throwing a hand over his face. “You know how much I love your cock; you took unfair advantage. It has to be considered cheating.”

Kurt burst into giggles then and turned around on the bed to cuddle up next to Blaine. He let Kurt pull him in tightly to his chest and hold him even though he felt indignant over his laughter.

“What are you even talking about?” asked Kurt.

“I was trying to win, but you ended up tricking me in the end,” explained Blaine, frowning and pouting out his bottom lip.

Leaning in, Kurt kissed Blaine softly, pulling his plush pouted lip into his mouth. Blaine melted into him and kissed back.

“I didn’t know it was a competition,” whispered Kurt after pulling back far enough to look into Blaine’s eyes.

Blaine wanted to pout further but he couldn’t bring himself to, he had just come twice in thirty minutes as the result of some seriously amazing sex.

“We should wrestle more often,” said Kurt. “I think I kind of like it when you win.”

“But I didn’t win,” sighed Blaine.

“I’m pretty sure we both won,” countered Kurt with a grin.

Blaine grinned. He leaned in to give Kurt a quick peck on the lips before pulling back with an excited expression on his face.

“Can I be batman next time?” he asked and Kurt threw his head back and laughed.

wowbrightwowbright on July 25th, 2012 01:57 pm (UTC)
I remember you once saying you couldn't write smut.

Um, you were wrong.

Every bit of this was hot. The control, the lack of control, the wrestling ...

I have no reason to ever leave the bed now.
Samdareu2beme on July 25th, 2012 02:14 pm (UTC)
awwwwwwwww thank you, I was so terrified as I was posting this in parts on my tumblr... this is my first smutty mcsmut for smut sakes and I really worried that I was being stupid with it. I'm glad you liked it.
perkytxgirlperkytxgirl on July 25th, 2012 03:52 pm (UTC)
Wow that was hot
Meow! That was hot and relationshipy at the same time!!! I'll say that you have the smutty factor down pat. I love this version of Kurt - it completely matches my head canon which is Kurt is totally the boss of Blaine. lol. Also cock slut Blaine yep. Loved it!
Samdareu2beme on July 25th, 2012 03:56 pm (UTC)
Re: Wow that was hot
Weee, thank you! I appreciate that!!!! <3 <3 SO much.
holycow07holycow07 on July 30th, 2012 03:51 am (UTC)
Nuh uh you're golden with the smut writing. Ooh I wanted to ask you, are you still continuing with the Man's Best Friend one-shots? It's been a hot minute since I've seen you post on that.
Samdareu2beme on July 30th, 2012 04:25 am (UTC)
thank you.

yes, i plan to. i just need to focus on finishing some of my other wips first.