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19 June 2012 @ 05:07 pm
The One With Mermaid Angst  

Title: The One With Mermaid Angst

Author: DareU2Bme

Rating: G

Word Count: 1,499

Pairing: SeBlaine… (but we all know Blaine was tricked and it ends in Klaine!!)

Summary: I was watching The Little Mermaid with my kids, today… and was thinking about how Blaine and Eric look alike and how they both fell in love by hearing their ‘true loves’ singing… and well… it works so perfectly…

Author's Note: I do NOT ship SeBlaine. This is a drabble that the majority of you probably already know the ending of seeing as it is a scene from a story based off of Disney's version of The Little Mermaid tale. Endgame is Klaine.

“What does that air-headed Prince Blaine think we are? Miracle workers?” exclaimed the aged voice of one of the women working away in the sewing room.

She was answered by a few huffs of shared annoyance around the room. Kurt furrowed his brow and paused just outside the door.

“Now, Bertina,” replied a softer voice. “You must realize he’s just excited to have finally found his true love. One can’t blame him for being in a hurry to marry him.”

Kurt’s heart leapt into his throat. Marry him? His true love? He pressed closer to the doorway, not able to help himself despite knowing eavesdropping wasn’t polite and he could be found out at any moment.

Him,” quietly scoffed a few voices and Kurt glared angrily knowing many didn’t approve of their prince’s sexual preference.

“Oh, Emma,” said another woman’s voice with a condescending air. “Don’t tell me you believe in that frivolous goop. Only the most thick-headed of sad schmucks believe in fantasies like true love and love at first sight and feelings. Keep your head level, Doe-Eyed Nimble Fingers.”

Kurt tried to crane his neck so he could see into the room through the ajar door but he couldn’t see much without making his presence known. All he could see was a large pile of festively coloured fabrics and the backs of a few women sitting in chairs, their hands moving adeptly as they sewed. The woman who had been speaking, cleared her throat, then, and raised her voice as if addressing the whole room. Kurt startled at the sudden volume and took a few steps back.

“I suggest you all get back to work and keep the gossiping to a minimum,” continued the woman in her brusque tone. “The Prince has it in his curly-haired head that he will be wed tonight and these banners and other ridiculous decorations aren’t going to sew themselves. I have to go get started on the entertainment for the evening. Preparing and perfecting an entertaining performance on the fly is a tall order but nothing my Cheerios and I can’t handle. You all are in for a real treat.”

She paused and inhaled audibly before whimsically saying, “I love a challenge.”

Kurt quickly moved further away from the door when he heard footsteps coming from the room. He tried his best to appear nonchalant and like he had just been walking past when a tall woman strode into view. She paused to give him a measuring look, which he fought not to cower under, before she turned to storm down the grandiose corridor. Her blonde hair was cropped short and it was surprising just how more intimidating than ridiculous she could look in blue men’s riding breeches and matching blue blouse. She was terrifying, not in the same way as Ursula, but in her own frightening way. Kurt watched her disappear out of sight before turning to run down the hall in the opposite direction.

He was smiling as he ran. Prince Blaine had found his true love and wished to be married that very day! Kurt couldn’t believe that this was his life! Only two and a half days prior he had been terrified and heart-broken as he signed his voice away in the Sea Witch’s campy manor while she sang about poor unfortunate souls.  Now, his dreams were coming true. He would marry the young man he had instantly fallen in love with only weeks ago and they would live happily ever after. He couldn’t judge Blaine for his overzealous stirring up of the entire castle before even asking Kurt. Not when his answer would, of course, be yes.

Kurt slowed his pace when he reached the end of the ornately decorated hall where it turned into a wide, curved staircase. When he heard Blaine’s warm voice, his smile only grew in radiance at the sound. He wanted to run to him and to throw his arms around him and to laugh out loud (of course he couldn’t do the last thing but hugging Blaine would make up for it). Kurt stopped in his tracks when he heard another voice, one that was chillingly familiar.

“I’m glad we finally found each other, too, Babe,” said Kurt’s voice in a cocky fashion. “So, so glad, because you are super hot.”

“I... uh... hah,” stammered Blaine in response sounding flustered and a little uncomfortable, but Kurt could still hear a smile in the Prince’s voice. “Thanks?”

Kurt tiptoed forward and peered over the railing at the top of the staircase. A tall young man was standing unsettlingly close to Blaine and looking at him like he wanted to eat him alive. Kurt ground his teeth together and his hands tightened to fists.

“What was your name again?” asked Blaine’s advisor giving the young man a distasteful expression.

“Sebastian,” replied the tall young man, seemingly unfazed by the advisor’s obvious dislike for him.

“Right, Sebastian,” replied the advisor, moving across the sea-foam green tiled floor to stand closer to the two young men. “And where did you say you were from?”

“Wes,” said Blaine, moving a few steps away from Sebastian but the young man moved with him to remain in his personal space. “Don’t be rude; he’ll be my husband by the end of the day, after all.”

Kurt’s stomach plummeted to his feet at those words. He gasped at Prince Blaine’s words, and though it was too quiet to capture neither Wes nor Blaine’s attentions, it did capture Sebastian’s. The young man’s eyes locked onto Kurt’s and a rodent-like grin spread across his face. Kurt thought he might be sick.

“We should be going, Sexy,” said Sebastian in a voice so similar to the one Kurt used to possess and turned his attention back to Blaine. “There’s still so much to prepare for this evening; our suit fittings, for example. Make sure to tell the seamstresses to make them so they are easy to get out of, I don’t want anything slowing us down after the I-do’s if you know what I mean.”

Blaine’s cheeks immediately pinked, but he smiled at Sebastian before giving Wes a small bow and turning to leave. Sebastian’s large hand found the small of Blaine’s back as they walked out of the grand room. Wes straightened his shoulders and turned to leave in the other direction, but caught sight of Kurt. Their eyes met momentarily and he frowned sadly at Kurt as if sharing in Kurt’s affront over the entire matter. Then he stiffly walked out of Kurt’s view.

Kurt could feel tears welling in his eyes. How could he have gotten so ahead of himself? His lip began to quiver and he quickly turned to flee through the palace to his room before anyone else could see him.

He burst through the bedroom door and forcibly threw himself into the soft mattress of his canopied bed. Blaine didn’t want him. Blaine wanted Sebastian. They were to be married that night and Kurt had no one. Sobs broke through the bile that had been steadily rising in the back of his throat through the entire ordeal. Kurt cried. He had taken a chance on the love he thought he had found. If only it had been just his heart on the line, but no, he had traded his voice for this chance. He had left his family and his home behind, had sprouted legs, had signed away his freedom all for this one chance to be with the person he had fallen in love with. He began to sob even harder when he realized the full weight of the situation. He had blown his one chance and come nightfall, he would had a fish tail again and be forever bound to Ursula, the Sea Witch.

Oh, if only he hadn’t gone to the surface that fateful night, drawn by the dazzling lights of the fireworks being shot out over the water. If only he hadn’t been there to pull Prince Blaine from the stormy ocean and set him down on the beach where he had sung to him while waiting for him to regain consciousness. Kurt hiccuped out another sob before quieting. If he hadn’t been there, Blaine would probably have drowned. No, he would do it all over again just so Blaine could live. Kurt began to weep even harder then, because he loved this young man. And, although he hardly knew him, he was willing to lose his own freedom to secure the other’s safety and happiness. He just wished he could see his father one last time.


Aaaaand because this whole The Little Mermaid / Klaine crossover won't get out of my head...
have a shitty drawing that I did ...