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23 November 2011 @ 04:24 pm
I was so sad when I came to livejournal and tried to log in... I've had an account here since 2001... but I guess not logging in for a whole year kind of caused it to be deleted. SO SAD. I had used livejournal as my own little diary all through highschool and college and now all those incredibly embarrassing posts are gone!

OH WELLS... out with the old!

I'm really only back here so that I can comment on all the fantabulous fanfictions I've been reading here lately. HAH. What is my life? ANYWAY, I'm new to the world of reading Fanfics on Livejournal. I've been reading them on tumblr and fanfiction.net and a few other places.. but, I'm just getting acquainted with the group of klaine fanfic writers on livejournal. SO, if you are reading this and have a few to suggest, please comment with links! PLEASE and THANK YOU!