FLASH / LEGENDS Fic Recs - 3 of ?


Harry Wells (Earth-2) / Cisco Ramon


A Small And Friendly Bubble - Cisco/Harry - T - 4.6k - Fluff, Bed-sharing

After an all-night science bender in the workshop, Cisco wakes up wedged into one of the tiny Star Labs cots with Harry Wells. He doesn't quite remember how he got there, but it's not quite as unpleasant as he might have expected. The opposite, maybe. And, okay, Harry panics a bit when he wakes up, but they get beyond that too.


What A Stranger Sees - Cisco/Harry - T - 4.8k - Outside POV

The Earth-2 STAR labs scientists think Cisco and Harry are together. They have to be, right?


chases, escapes, true love, miracles - Cisco/Harry - T - 55k - Alternative Timelines, Slow Burn

Just because the timeline has been restored, doesn't mean things are back to normal. Cisco's got 99 problems, and Harry Wells is approximately 38 of them.

In which Cisco makes a bunch of plans, fails most of them, narrowly avoids being disintegrated, receives a hug or two, finds his groove, and gets his man. More or less in that order.


Pretend There Is No Wreck - Cisco/Harry - T - 11.6k

Cisco and Harry figure out how to not kill each other, and also maybe how to talk about their feelings.


Use Your Words - Cisco/Harry - E - 5k - First Time

It all begins because of two simple facts.

One: Cisco Ramon will never back down in a battle of innuendo.

Two: Cisco Ramon has never refused a blow job in his life.


Fake It. Make It. Break It. - Cisco/Harry - M - 23.7K - Fake/Pretend Relationship, Slow Burn

Cisco needs Harry to pretend to be his boyfriend for reasons.


❖  moving parts - Cisco/Harry - T - 11k - S4 - Pining

Cisco tries to pick up all the pieces. Harry helps.


❖  Keep pushing my buttons, I dare you - Cisco/Harry - T - 1k words

This all started when Cisco decided to try to "bond" with Wells. Now, he's somehow moved on to - mostly accidentally - accusing him of being an awkward lay.


❖  i can barely feel your fingers on my skin - Cisco/Harry - T - 2.6k words - Angst & Cuddles

Harry could tell himself that there was a time, before dark matter ravaged his synapses, that he filled his head with better thoughts than how Cisco’s tongue would taste. Strictly intellectual pursuits. But the Harrison’s insist honesty is of the the utmost importance, especially within the crowded dark of one’s own mind. It’s only here that he admits, if only to himself, that his head has been running the schematics of Cisco’s body for years.


❖  Something To Work For - Cisco/Harry - G - 1.5k words - First Kiss

Based on the prompt: "Person A buying gifts to continue to get cheek kisses from Person B"

I mean, er.....loosely based off it, I guess?




Barry Allen / Cisco Ramon -  Flashvibe - Barrisco


After All - Barry/Cisco - T - 8.6k - Dimensional Travel

When a breach suddenly opens up months after they've closed them all, the STAR Labs team is rightfully concerned, at least until they find out who crossed over, then it's just weird.


Cosmically Intertwined - Barry/Cisco - E - 12k - Many Dimensions

"I'd track you down in a thousand timelines, if I had to."


Cause It’s A Beautiful Night - Barry/Cisco - T -  under 1k words

Cisco’s eyes light up, “fuck, marry, kill.”


I’m Crashing Into You - Barry/Cisco - E - 20k - Friends to Lovers

Cisco fixes things that are broken, like super-suits and hearts. It's what friends do, right?


Say It Again - Barry/Cisco - T - 1.7k words -  5+1 Things

Cisco comes up with a new set of nicknames for Barry



FLASH / LEGENDS Fic Recs - 2 of ?


Mick Rory / Leonard Snart - Heat Wave / Captain Cold


Selbstfürsorge - Mick/Len - M - 2.5 k words - Self-care, Mick in a Bathtub

The Legends are on 'Shore Leave' and Len plans a heist to pass the time, but Mick has a better plan. Len is introduced to the concept of self-care and the importance of a good bubble bath. Vague unspecific timeline.


❖  This Is Much Better - Mick/Len - M - 1.7 k words - H/C, Broken Hand

Snart’s hands. They’re the bane of Mick Rory’s existence.


❖  Just Because - Mick/Len - M - 1.3 k words - Fluff, Pet Names

Mick’s always been a fan of nicknames


❖  we mean nothing to history (well thank god) - Mick/Len - T - 2 k words - Established Relationship

Mick had once gotten two extra years in Iron Heights for shattering the jaw of a guard that caught them during a heist. It might have gone down better during trial if he’d been willing to express remorse, but considering the guard had completely overreacted and pulled a gun on Len, Mick felt his own reaction had been more than justified. The judge obviously didn’t agree. In Mick’s extensive experience, judges were assholes anyway.


❖   That Destiny Bullshit - Mick/Len - T - 1.8 k words - Soulmates

Everyone has a soulmate. Mick really doesn't give a fuck.


❖  Measuring Up - Mick/Len - E - 30k words - Coffee Shop / Bakery AU

“How was it?” Mick called out behind him.

Len turned. Mick nodded toward the croissant balanced carefully on top of the pastry box, a noticeable chunk missing. “Best in the state?”

“Honestly?” said Len as the door swung closed behind him. “It was a little dry.”

In which Mick owns a bakery, and Len is secretly a professional restaurant critic who loves Mick's pastries, but will never say that to his face.


❖  Silver Jubilee - Mick/Len - T - 2 k words - Established Relationship

Mick and Len have been agonizing over anniversary gifts. Most of the other Legends don't get it.


❖  Keeping Cool - Mick/Len - 1.7 k words - Reunion

Leonard Snart is most definitely losing his cool. (in which Captain Cold has no chill).  Mick and Len never reunite after the Great Fire (no Flash reunion then) and somehow both get roped into the Waverider where they finally see each other again and rekindle.


❖  Unspoken - Mick/Len - 3.7k words - Mute!Len

In Mick's humble opinion, Len's inability to speak doesn't make him any less of a goddamn chatterbox.

But maybe it's just Mick.


❖  Gal Pals and Male Friends - Mick/Len - 1k words - Established Relationship

Technically, the Legends team found out about Mick and Len's marriage about 96 years ago.




Barry Allen / Leonard Snart / Mick Rory... Flash / Captain Cold / Heat Wave


And I’ve Had Enough, It’s Obvious - Barry/Mick/Len - N/R - 2k words

Mick's husband is an idiot. An oblivious idiot who never learned to do basic human things like 'using his words' or 'recognizing his own feelings'.


One Night Stand - Barry/Mick/Len - E - 3k - One Night Stand

Barry decides he is tired of being the 'good boy' with an unrequited crush, so he decides to do something stupid. But this decision might make his love life even worse... or maybe not?


Disaster's knocking at my door - Barry/Mick/Len - G - under 1k

Given the ginormous nerds/human disasters Mick had somehow fallen in love with (emphasis on nerds), everyone assumed that Mick was the possessive one, the jealous one. They thought that he was the overprotective boyfriend who would fly into a rage the moment anyone dared to try and touch what is his.

They were wrong.


Those Rumors, They Have Big Teeth (Waiting For It, I Want It) - Barry/Mick/Len - M - 1k

Breaking news: Barry Allen does nothing for the Rogues except look pretty and get fucked by the bosses.”


Hot Nurses - Barry/Mick/Len - G - 1k

“So, are you nurses?” Barry asks, becoming incredibly confused when both men shake their heads, appearing as if they’re trying to hold back laughter.


Making Up Is Hard To Do - Barry/Mick/Len - E - 8k - Fluff and Smut

How the hell is Mick going to arrange his I-am-sorry-I-wasn’t-around-to-help-when-your-scumbag-dad-showed-back-up-look-I-got-you-the-superhero-kid-you-like-so-much threesome if he doesn’t even know the kid’s name?!



FLASH / LEGENDS Fic Recs - 1 of ?


Barry Allen / Leonard Snart, Flash / Captain Cold from the ARROWVERSE TV shows... usually from Flash.


Out Cold -  200k - Rated M - Temporary Amnesia, Angst

Captain Cold's plan for a bit of fun with his nemesis results in more than he bargained for when a head wound from dashing to Flash's rescue leaves him without any memories of who he or The Flash is. As Barry nurses Len back to health, both of them quickly start to hope that he never remembers being Captain Cold as the attraction they feel for each other turns into something more without the pitfalls of being enemies to stand in their way.

AU with everything having happened up to the Season 1 finale, except Eddie shot Eobard instead of himself, killing him, and the singularity didn’t happen.


Strange What Desire Will Make Foolish People Do -  12k words - Rated T

When Barry loses a fight against a dangerous metahuman, he goes to Leonard Snart, newly returned from his mission through time, for help. With both men fighting on the same side, the feelings growing between them become harder and harder to ignore.


Tumbling Together - 178k words - Rated M - Fake Relationship, Humour, Fluff, HILARIOUS

When Barry and Len discover that they’ve accidentally become neighbors, they learn to navigate their new living situation amongst misunderstandings and a surprising amount of common ground.

“This fic has everything!” - Stefon (probably)


Silhouette - 12k - Rated M - Secret Identity, Costume Kink

Barry takes advice from Iris and Cisco to defeat Cold in a whole new way - by being a better thief. Donning a new persona and costume, Barry becomes Silhouette, the best thief in Central, who consistently beats Captain Cold to his heists, stealing the loot out from under him (while secretly having made a deal with the proprietors, and returning the loot later). Cold isn't sure if he's upset by this new player targeting him...or intrigued. Eventually, the truth comes out.


Those Three Words Over Even “I Love You” - 13k - E - Canon Compliant, PWP Missing Scene

Missing scene from episode 2x03, "Family of Rogues."

Later, he'd wonder if they all could've walked away from the heist in one piece if Barry had just called him Leonard.


Property of Captain Cold - 3k - E - Possessive!Len, PWP

Barry realizes he’s been dating Captain Cold for months, and Len makes sure everyone else knows it too. Prompt fill from my tumblr giveaway.


Tokens of Affection - 6k - M - Legends Fic - Secret Established Relationship

Barry's glad that Len is helping Rip Hunter; he just wishes he wasn't using it as an excuse to steal him things from across the span of space and time. (A tale of separation, reunions and dubiously acquired items of varying historical significance.)


He’s My Latest Accessory - 5.8k - T - Rogues Shenanigans - Crack Fun

Having a dual identity has never been so frustrating.


Absolute Matchmaker - 68k - M - Fake/Pretend Relationship

Len has been reconnecting with the son he never knew existed ever since Christmas. He doesn’t plan to turn a new leaf but wants to be a good father, the main rule being that Michael stay far away from anything related to Captain Cold.

Which would have worked out perfectly if they hadn’t run into Barry Allen.

Turns out Barry used to tutor Michael in college and considers him a friend, but the only excuse Len can think of for why he and Barry know each other is that they dated—which on its own would be bad enough, but now Michael is set on getting Barry and Len back together when they were never together in the first place.

Meanwhile, a mystery thief is after Michael’s research on absolute zero. The theft might be the perfect excuse to get Len and Barry together, but it also introduces Michael to dangers Len hoped he’d never know firsthand.

OR the fake dating, Michael Snart matchmaker AU.


Seventy Three Seconds - E - 109k - Canon Divergent, Angst, Violence, Smut

Set after S01 E16 (Rogue Time).

With a meta-human on his tail, Leonard Snart turns to the Flash for some information on how to stop them, and gets more than he bargained for along the way.


My Barry - N/R - 3k - Dimensional Travel - Earth3

When another Snart falls out of a dimensional rift unconscious, of course Barry has to save him. He just doesn't expect this Snart to be so different, or for the way he says 'my Barry' when talking about his universe to make Barry so very, very curious.

Now with a sequel HERE.  


Like a Natural Disaster - M -  9k - Temporary Character Death, Metahuman!Len, Sharing a Bed

When Captain Cold sacrifices himself to kill Zoom, he rises from his seeming demise as a meta human. As Barry seems to be the only source of heat that comforts Snart, and the only one unaffected by the chill of his touch, what builds between them with the connection of their powers is like nothing either could have expected.  


Nothing Like a Secret So Well Kept - T - 5k - Multiple POVs, 5+1 Things

Even if he doesn't want to admit it, it's obvious (to just about everyone) that Len has a crush on the Flash. (Or, Five people who are amused by Leonard’s crush on Barry and one who finds it to be very serious business.)


Timeless - E - 60k - S4 Fix-It Fic, Alternative Timeline

A voice in the Speed Force reaches Barry in his Timeless state to convince him to come home. Barry misses that voice once he’s back in real-time, but he has to set things right and save as many lives as he can.

While that means Iris will be with Eddie instead of him, he can’t mourn her. She’ll always be dear to him, but he wants her to be happy above all, and he has seen every timeline and knows the life and love he will get to have instead. He just needs to keep fighting to finish his calculations in time to defeat Eobard and return to his loved ones for good.

Thankfully, a certain thief brings clarity like no one else can.

AU season 1 with Barry from pre-season 4.1 returning from the Speed Force to the moment he woke up from his original coma.


Shore Leave - G - 4.8k - Pre-Relationship

The Waverider is back in early 2016 so the crew can have some down time before their next attempt to stop Vandal Savage. Len's first stop is to the friendly neighborhood superhero for a little chat.

[Spoilers for events in both Flash Season 2 and Legends of Tomorrow in the notes section at the beginning of the fic. You have been warned.]



Middle Earth Fic Recs



The Road Delivered Us Home - Thorin/Bilbo  - Movie - FF Canon Divergence

In the years since Bilbo left Erebor, he has lost his respectability, gained a nephew, and gotten on with life at Bag End.

He'd left aside adventure for the comforts and peace of his little Hobbit hole, and for the love of a child who needed him. Though perhaps, adventures can yet find him.


Three Words on the Tip of My Tongue - Thorin/Bilbo

Somewhere between all the bickering there is cuddling and fluff and perhaps a small degree of smut.


A Shot in the Dark - Thorin/Bilbo, Do-Over, Time Travel,

When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in his old bed in his old home in his old body. Is this death? Or a trick of magic? Either way, Bilbo recognizes a second chance when he sees one, and this time his adventure with Thorin is going to go a bit differently.


Discovering Mr. Baggins - Bilbo / Thorin

The story of a Hobbit, told through the eyes of the dwarves.


Safe and Distant - Thorin/Bilbo, AU - No One Dies, Misunderstanding, Pining

"Bilbo never bothers denying that he is a slight, little bit, probably infatuated with Thorin. It’s not something that bothers him. Really. He’s pretty sure that everyone very likely has a little flutter in their chest for the dwarf. He’s something grand and unattainable. And it’s really much safer if it stays that way."


On the Cold Hill Side - Legolas/Gimli, LotR CC

In the end, Gimli thinks, Legolas will steal his heart and sail away with it, and even the wonders of the Glittering Caves are not enough consolation for that loss. But when Aragorn calls for Gimli’s help in dismantling the hidden traps of Orthanc, everything changes.


The Secrets of the Lonely Mountain - Legolas/Gimli, LotR CC

Legolas is sent to Erebor after the War of the Ring, where he's given the chance to meet up with Gimli again. (Predominantly book-verse)


Some Other Beginning's End - Legolas/Gimli, LotR CD

There are first times that matter. And then there are those that never end. (usually, I keep my recs over 5k, but this one snuck in at just 45 words less)


So Cloaked and So Crowned - Legolas/Gimli, LotR FF, H/C

Legolas might not know what a Dwarf's beard and braids mean, but he does know Gimli.  Gimli must trust in that when the rest is taken from him.


Lords of Misrule - Legolas/Gimli, smutty

After all battles are over and all victories declared, Gimli and Legolas take a journey to Fangorn together.


in contrast with the love - Legolas/Gimli, fluff and angst

Legolas blinks up into the sunlight. "It has been some time since we were strangers," he says, as thought he is only just realizing this. "Just this morning you called me your friend."


The Days Were Made For Running (And The Nights Were Made For Love) - Legolas/Gimli, accidental marriage, smut

The night before the Battle of the Black Gate, and several days after.


In More Ways Than One - Thranduil/Bard

Bard and Thranduil meet up in the tent after the battle for a long overdue discussion. Unfortunately, Bard cannot help but be distracted. Their relationship only gets more complicated as time goes on.


Really, Men and Elves Aren’t that Different, Are They? - Thranduil/Bard

In which Bard is (relatively) certain he's being bullied, and Thranduil would very much like a courting manual for Men.


Somewhere Only We Know - Thranduil / Bard

When the eighteenth month since Bard's death comes, Thranduil wakes on a strange feeling. He follows a mysterious blue orb through the ill trees of his forest, where he is shown precious memories of his ephemeral time with Bard. But is it a trick of his mind, a dream, or reality?



Shetland Fic Rec


Long, Winding Roads - Jimmy / Duncan

After years of friendship, Jimmy and Duncan spend a weekend together that changes everything.


Christmas Present - Jimmy / Duncan


Sharp Curves - Jimmy / Duncan

Winning at a poker game has consequences for Duncan, and Jimmy decides it's time to tell his parents about them


❖  space in a spine of hills - Jimmy / Duncan

Eight scenes about (or really, leading up to) one thing.


❖  North of Everywhere - Jimmy / Duncan

There was a part of Jimmy—still too strong a part, the one who lived alone, stood alone, drew the firm line round himself—that kept wanting to say, Thanks but you didn't have to do that. Thanks but you're already welcome to stay. Thanks but I'm used to shifting for myself.

Thanks, but.

He shook it off as best he could. And instead, he walked behind Duncan as they both left the kitchen, and put his hands on Duncan's shoulders.


❖  Whisky and Shortbread - Jimmy / Duncan

It's Hogmanay, and a new tradition is born when Jimmy Perez goes to Lerwick to make sure Duncan Hunter fulfills a promise.



Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - Fic Rec



Interrogation - Dirk / Todd

Of course Dirk has some extremely important questions that can only be asked in the middle of the goddamn night, obviously.


This Was Always a Love Story - Dirk / Todd

"Oh! I get it," Dirk says, because he does--he is clever like that. "This is a rescue!"

Aka the one where Todd stages a rescue, Dirk falls in love, and everyone gets their happy ending.


Happy Ending - Dirk / Todd

No matter how many times the CIA’s cronies taught him to trust no one, you’re the only constant in the stream of creation, you’re the only thing that can be relied on, Dirk can’t help but get attached. This is especially unfortunate given that everyone in the last 16 years has left him.

Todd's the only one who looks like he might stay, but with his pararibulitis, the only safe place for him is the Rowdy 3's van, which isn't going to stick around. Dirk's not letting him go without a fight, even if that fight means learning a new skill that might not even be possible for him. Oh, well, desperate times and all that.


How Not to Date: A How To Guide By Dirk Gently - Dirk / Todd

For a not-quite psychic, Dirk is surprisingly dense.

Aka, the one where Dirk asks Todd out on a date. Kind of. Sort of. Possibly. There are two of them, anyway, and they're going somewhere, together, alone, and also Todd apparently has an ex-boyfriend so the odds are definitely in Dirk's favor. Maybe.


Getting The Hang of Thursdays - Dirk / Todd

Todd screws up. Dirk solves it. Kind of. It's not a total disaster, anyway.

The follow-up to How Not to Date: a How-To Guide by Dirk Gently, in which Dirk and Todd explore the boundaries of their new relationship (explicit).


Firearms Proficiency 101 - Farah / Amanda

I can't believe you took me to your private shooting range on our first date. That is so punk.


Boring BORING Sex - Dirk / Todd

Set after however Season 2 concludes. The important points are: everyone's alive (as per the conclusion of Season 1) and The Detective Agency is up and running.


❖ The Dolphin Paradox - Dirk / Todd, Farah / Amanda

Having lost his job at the Perriman Grand, Todd takes a job selling vintage vinyl to unappreciative hipsters while trying to put his life back together. Dirk Gently is a somewhat regular customer. That is, until Dirk can fix the timeline and get Todd his memories back.

The Record Store AU that's not a Record Store AU.


Electric Ghost Rhino - Dirk / Todd, PreSlash, Fluff

Dirk and Todd are not co-dependent, exactly. They've just had a rough couple of weeks.


I Will Roam if You Say Roam -  Dirk / Todd,   Fluff - BEWARE! STILL A WIP!

Sequel to Electric Ghost Rhino.

Dirk and Todd go to London.


The Company - Dirk / Todd,  Fluffy, Wake up together hungover

He’s imagined this moment so often that it feels like he just doing it again, waking up with a hangover next to Dirk Gently.

And Dirk’s naked.

He lifts up the blanket briefly, just to be sure, and there it is, the world’s most treasured bum, bare as the day he was born. That is, if he was born, which is still in contention


The Furthest City Light - Dirk / Todd, Blackwing

Dirk Gently (as he's taken to calling himself) has spent most of his life in Blackwing custody. In that time absolutely nothing of any interest has happened. Instead, a good deal of not-very-good or possibly even very-bad things have happened. These mostly involved a number of people in white coats poking and prodding him while making him guess at numbers. Outside of these unwanted visitors, the vast majority of Dirk's time is spent alone. And then one day a technician leads Dirk into a room where a boy around his age sits behind a table, looking sullen and perhaps a little nervous. Dirk likes him immediately.

Alternate Meeting AU, in which 21 year old Dirk meets 20 year old Todd while still in Blackwing custody.


Tall Clear Letters -  Dirk / Todd, Fluff, Established Relationship

Dirk's fascination with Todd's various blushes quickly develops into an obsession as he categorizes each reaction with meticulous specification. 5 times Dirk watches Todd blush, (+1 time Todd does the same)


The Destiny of Human Handwriting -  Dirk / Todd, Soulmate AU

Even from a young age, he isn’t a romantic. It’s around third grade that kids start writing to their Match, eight year olds asking questions about their name, where they’re from, what they like, who they are. Todd doesn’t. He’s not really into the idea of Matches, even if it’s something he can’t change. People fall in love with people. If he falls in love, he’s not going to fall in love with someone who he knows only from ink on his arms that he didn’t put there.

Whoever his Match is, however, does not feel the same way. His left arm (so he must be right handed) is covered with doodles. Crude flowers drawn with what looks like ballpoint pens, so lots of skipping and gaps in the lines. Sometimes the outlines of hearts that look like fountain pens, but are smudged quickly, the ink running too hard.

Soulmate AU where anything you write on your arm appears visible on your soulmate's. Written for the Dirk Gently Big Bang 2017.


put my trust in you (i walk on water) -  Dirk / Todd - BEWARE! STILL A WIP!

5 times Dirk and Todd hugged.


Touch Before Sight - S2 -  Dirk / Todd

Todd tries to get to the bottom of Dirk's odd behavior while they're both stuck in their prison cell for the night. Set between Fans of Wet Circles and Two Broken Fingers.


you’re human (in my vision) -  Dirk / Todd

Dreams are a bit like the universe, Dirk thinks as he’s clenching his eyes shut against the pain radiating through his body. They’re indecipherable and complicated right until they’re somehow not, until one last missing puzzle piece falls into place, the giant machine behind all of it locking down and coming to life. Or something like that; Dirk is presently a little distracted, but mostly he’s never been good at not mixing his metaphors.


No Pressure (Or Maybe Pressure, If You Need It) -   Dirk / Todd

Todd is, at first, insulted that Farah and Amanda feel the need to tell him to "look after Dirk". Honestly, though, they're not wrong. Todd is a shit excuse for a human being, much less friend. But Dirk is going to have to work through Blackwing and the last two cases at some point, and Todd is going to help him. Or at least, help him ignore it long enough. Best Friends are supposed to do that.


❖  It's you that I've been waiting to find - Dirk/Todd, under 2k

In Which Dirk Gently Realizes A Thing


❖  dream a little bigger, darling - 5k, Dirk/Todd

So, Amanda and Dirk have been playing an increasingly dangerous and complex game of chicken that raised the stakes higher and higher each time. She knew that Dirk and Todd had found their footing with each other, through countless days of working cases at the agency, and basically living out of each other’s pockets in neighboring apartments.

But now it was time for sweet revenge.

It starts as a game, sure, but now Dirk is flustered and questioning everything. At least he gets to watch Todd blush as he does it.


SHERLOCK Fic Rec List - 3 of ?



❖  Love is Blind - 5k, blind date

Mike Stamford sets John up on a blind date. John ends up spending a lovely evening with the wrong person.

If there’s one thing Sherlock Holmes has learned, it’s that if a fit army doctor sits with him and mistakes him for his date, he’s not very well going to correct him.


❖  May Your Heart Purr Like a Bumblebee - Harry Watson, Getting Together, Humor & Angst, Meddling Sibling

In which Harry is the biggest John/Sherlock shipper: Harry Watson is back from rehab and temporarily staying with John and Sherlock. She and John warily begin to rebuild their friendship, and then she makes some observations about her little brother and his flatmate which throw John entirely off balance.


❖  The Case of the Meddling Siblings - Harry Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Slow Burn, Meddling Sibling

Mycroft and Harry Watson team up to send John and Sherlock on a case to distract a Sherlock who’s been pining after John. And Harry, at least, is determined to get the boys together. Two sets of Holmes & Watson shenanigans ensue. (post-S2 AU)


❖  Assurance - Under 5k, Injured Sherlock, Bed-Sharing

It’s not so much the ‘you’re half-dead, you wanker,’ or even the broken ribs, the hairline fracture of the pelvis, the dislocated shoulder and knee, and the wrenched ankle.


❖  A Terrific Soporific - Insomnia, Bed-Sharing, Cuddles, Fluff

Sherlock, a long-time sufferer of insomnia, is forced to share a bed with John at a hotel while on a case. To his astonishment, he finds that spending the night next to John helps him sleep and becomes determined to maneuver himself back into John's bed.


"finally kiss the bloody idiot" - Fake/Pretend Relationship

Inspired by a fic idea on tumblr : "John and Sherlock know the Yard has a pool going for when they’re finally going to get together. It’s been running forever, and it’s worth thousands of pounds. It’s all fun and games, hahaha, until they find out Lestrade is in dire financial straits (dog needs emergency surgery, he’s putting his kid through gymnastics training, I don’t know, something), and they decide to fake a relationship to win the pool for him. Sherlock figures out the day and way that Lestrade thinks it’s going to happen, and they act it out. It’s all for a good cause, fake relationship style, until it’s not."


❖  The Tip Over Into The Inevitable - Insomnia, Hurt/Comfort, Bed-Sharing

When his father dies, Sherlock avoids sleeping. Then discovers he can't sleep at all. John finds a way to help.


❖  Left - Magic AU

John Watson is left-handed.

He’s tried not to let it affect his life, but as any Lefty knows, that’s almost impossible.


❖  A New Kind of Communication - Hurt/Comfort,

Sherlock texts, Sherlock leaves notes, Sherlock phones John, and he never really says anything.



Fic Master List

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my LJ!
If you are here for my FANFIC, here's a little master list for you! I'm currently working at updating my livejournal, so there'll be more of my fics added from FFnet and AO3 every few days. It's been a few years! Thanks for sticking with me.

---TEEN WOLF---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


(old WIP) Of Honour, Power, and Wolves - Sterek - M


Waking Up To You - Steter - T - Romance/Angst

No, Seriously - Steter - T - PreSlash

Posturing - Steter - T - PreSlash

I Dare You - Steter - M - Creepy!Peter, PreSlash(?)

IKEA - Sterek - PG - PreSlash

Cover of a Magazine - Sterek - PG13 - PreSlash

Cosplay - Sterek - PG - PreSlash

Just a Baby - Sterek - PG - PreSlash

Derek Doth Protest - Sterek - PG - PreSlash

After The Fact - Sterek - T - PreSlash, H/C

It's Not Bestiality - Sterek - M - Ridiculous

Christmas - Sterek - G - Established



What If They Didn't Kiss? - Klaine - PG - Romance

Man's Best Friend - AU Klaine (pet!blaine) - NC17 - Romance / Angst

Why I Feel This Way - AU Klaine (pet!blaine) - R - Romance / Angst

The Lonely Warbler - AU Klaine (wing!blaine) - R - Romance / SciFi / Angst

Number Twenty - Kurtbastian - R - Romance / Humor

(old WIP) Flawed Design - Kurtcedes - PG13 (for now) - Romance / Angst / Humor

(old WIP) Figure Study #23 - Puckurt - R - Romance / Drama / Angst

(old WIP) A Brand New Life - AU Klaine (kitty!kurt) - R(?) - Romance / Angst


Changing of the Weather - Klaine - G - Romance / Fluff

The Mouse Encounter - Klaine - PG - Romance / Fluff / Humor

Back Massages, The Bachelorette & Polo - Klaine - PG13 - Romance / Fluff / Humor

Jealousy - Klaine - PG13 - Romance

I Think We're Alone Now - Klaine - PG13 - SciFi / Romance / Angst

The Lima Bean Incident - Klaine, Sebastian - PG - Angst / Friendship / Romance

Anniversary - Klaine - PG - Romance / Humor

Nurse Kurt - Klaine - PG - AU / Romance

Skank!Kurt - possible Klaine - PG - AU / General

Five Senses of Freedom - Blaine - PG - AU / General

The One With Mermaid Angst - SeBlaine / Klaine - G - AU / Disney Crossover

MEOW! - Klaine - NC-17 - Smut

Kurt's Crush - Kurtbastian / Kurtcedes - PG - Unrequited 'Romance'

Touch - Klaine - R - PWP / Smut

Under the Moon - Klaine - PG-13 - AU / Supernatural

The Art of Breaking - Klaine - PG-13/R(?) - Angst / Canon Compliant

New York Reunions - Puckurt - PG - PreSlash

Infomercials - Puckurt - PG13 - PreSlash

An Honest Mistake - Puckurt - M - PreSlash(?) / Almost Slash

**My pet!blaine stories are all tagged with pet!blaine and I have a special masterlist HERE.


3am - Cherik (Xmen) - PG13 - PreSlash

Should Be Fun - Truce (Avengers) - PG13 - PreSlash


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Yule Letter 2019

Dear Yuletide Writer,

YAY! It's that magical time of year again!! I just love Yuletide and look forward to it every year. I want to thank you in advance for writing for me. I've learned that, while this is a super fun event, it can definitely also be challenging and oftentimes overwhelming. SO, I super appreciate you taking the time and effort  to write a fic for me. Thank you so much. I truly hope you'll enjoy writing my reqest and that you will feel free to let your creative juices flow during the process. The prompts I have written below are only there as ideas to help you, so please don't feel caged by them.


The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box

Sweet Poly Goodness:  Will Charity x Catherine Mundi x Charles Mundi

Messy Enemies Ship:   Will Charity x Otto Luger

So, on my request, I put Will Charity, Catherine Mundi, and Charles Mundi as the characters. However, I actually have two different possible ships for The Adventurer and would be interested in reading a fic for either one. A polyship of Will/Catherine/Charles is what I'd like for my fic request, but I would also be happy with Will Charity / Otto Luger for a ship.

I like the idea in the movie that Will has an interesting history with Catherine and Charles. What if the three were in some sort of playful poly relationship at before Charles and Catherine were married? Or perhaps Will is dear to both Charles and Catherine and his relationship with the couple is slightly more than platonic. You could have the three be equally committed in a poly relationship, or perhaps Charles and Catherine are committed to each other and Will is a bit more free but welcome. However you do it, I'd love something flirty, silly, sassy, sexy with the three and please know I'm not into anything in the realm of infidelity.

But, like I said before, I'd also be happy with a Will/Otto fic if that is what you rather write. In the movie, Otto seems to be very interested in Will. I'm curious about that and would love to see where you might go with it.


Ship: Jimmy x Hunter

I just adore the quiet tone of this TV series. Jimmy is my most favourite character. I love him. He's a quiet protector. And his relationship with Duncan really stands out to me. These two men are quite different, coming at life from different view points and having quite different personalities. I love how, while being so contrasting in many ways, they have become rather united in raising Cassie. There's none of this soap opera, CW stuff involved with her custody even with Duncan being her birth father and Jimmy her dad. They just try their best.

Anyhow, I've been requesting this show every year for Yule for a while now because it just deserves so much more fic than it has. In that time, the show itself has gone some places with their relationship and lives. For a fic, I would be happy with Canon Divergence fic from any point in the series. No matter where you pick up from, I'd really love to see something that focusses mainly on Jimmy and Duncan's relationship. Some soft hurt/comfort fluff is always lovely if it isn't too angsty. I also toyed with the idea that maybe a fic from an outside POV, like that of a newcomer to the island or even just a bunch of the islanders themselves, where they wondered what Jimmy and Duncan were to each other.

So, I know there's quick differing opinions of what their relationship might look like should they move from platonic into something romantic and/or sexual. Personally, I would prefer to see them full-out committed to each other and a lot of intimacy, but I'm not overly interested in the sexual side of things. Not to say that they wouldn't have a sexual relationship, I just mean I'd rather the fic not be some form of PWP because I'm not interested in reading a lot of smut-centric fic.


Ship: Nathan x Simon

I love Nathan so much. He is my asshole son and I just love him so, so, so much. I honestly tried to continue watching the show once he was gone, but I couldn't without Nathan. Anyhow, if I could get some sort of s1 or s2 canon divergent fic where Nathan and Simon somehow come together, that would be the beeees kneeees! I'd really like something with hijinks and shenanigans.

Perhaps Nathan suddenly realizes he maybe picks on Simon so much because he has a crush on the dude. Maybe Kelly helps him realize this? Idk. Is Nathan completely self-aware about the fact that he is a chatoic pansexual mess? Or is Nathan struggling with the sudden realization that he isn't straight? Either way, when he realizes he has it bad for the quiet, weird little dude, maybe he decides to try to come up with a way to "woo" Simon without committing to it... the whole "I'm into you. Just kidding!! ...unless?" dance of an idiot such as Nathan Young. Or maybe he's totally forthright with it all? Maybe annoyingly open about it!? And how does Simon respond? Is he embarrassed but intrigued? Is Simon interested but scared that it might be another of Nathan's stupid pranks? How does it all go down?

Fake Relationship is one of my most favourite tropes. That could also be a fun direction to go for a Nathan/Simon fic instead...oooh! Like, idk, maybe Nathan gets in hot water in some scenario and says that he and Simon are a couple on a whim and then they end up having to act as a couple for a longer amount of time than anticipated. Simon would probably have some anxiety about that.

Anyhow, whatever you end up doing will probably be fantastic!! the main thing I want to say is that, while I think Nathan is hilarious and the way he teases Simon is super funny at times, I truly am not into them having an abusive relationship. So, softening Nathan might be necessary, because he can get cruel at times.


Bright Young Things
Ship: idk?

Here's the thing... I love Miles. I love him so much! For this fic, I mostly just want the focus on Miles. I don't really have a ship in mind. I'd be happy with a little fic about Miles and Agatha being best buddies and getting up to trouble. Or it could be a fic where Miles is shipped with some guy - from the show or an oc. I don't know. Whatever tickles your fancy.

It could be neat to see some more of Miles' depth, but his story is definitely going to be a sad one given the times and I'm not into anything too angsty for the sake of being angsty. I'd love more of his ridiculous charm and his fun shenanigans. Perhaps you could do a bit of a canon divergence / post canon fic where you can give him a happy ever after type deal wherever he ends up going... or perhaps you give us some pre-canon fun... like how did he and Agatha meet? What other stuff does he do for fun? Some crazy summer fling he has? I don't know... mostly, I just want more Miles.


DNW (Do Not Want)
Please, please do not write any sick fic / cancer / vomiting --health issues are a trigger for me. Also please no infidelity/cheating, rape, incest, or underage anything. I'm also not overly interested in anything featuring PWP, BDSM, orgies, sex toys, hard kinks, or mpreg. I do like smut, but I'm not actually that into reading a lot of explicit sexual scenes. I prefer romance and soft, cuddly intimacy to porny sex scenes. I also am all about silly stuff and ridiculous shenanigans moreso than angst.


Alright, I think that's it! Hopefully you have some ideas of what you'd like to write and may the gods of writing smile upon you. This is all for fun, so I hope you have a great time writing what you like and don't get stressed.

Thank you so, so much,


Good Omens - Fic Rec List


Note: I usually prefer Aziraphale / Crowley as asexual, but some of these fics have sex. In any case, if you are looking for pwp/smutty fic recs, this probably isn’t the list for you. Fics are in order of word length.

♥ - denotes favourite


Are You Sure? - by TheLadyZephyr - 350 words - T - First Kiss, Fluff

Written for the prompt “when one stops the kiss to whisper “I’m sorry, are you sure you-” and they answer by kissing them more”


Rescue by kristsune - 945 words - G - possessive!Aziraphale, BAMF!Aziraphale

Crowley gets kidnapped by agents of hell, and Aziraphale does whatever is necessary to get him back.


May your dreams last longer than the night by trace_of_scarlet - 1,447 words - G - Pining, First Kiss

The first time they touch is during that first storm, as the wind blows; Aziraphale’s sheltering wing brushes Crowley’s cheek.

Crowley thinks, it’s so soft. It’s strange: he had wings just like that so little time ago, but he’d forgotten, somehow.

(He still has wings, of course; they’re black and sleek, but somehow they don’t feel like those protecting him now.)


Shave and a Haircut by summerofspock - 1,470 words - G - Outsider POV, Canon Compliant, OC

Sometimes you just have to talk to someone and sometimes that person is your barber.


love as a four letter word by asideofourown - 1,644 words - G - Pining, Love Confessions

That four letter word, love— the way Aziraphale said it, like no other angel would, could… it wasn’t quite so bad as Crowley had used to think. Rather good, in all honesty. Rather nice.

Crowley gazed back at him. He felt naked, without his dark glasses hiding his eyes. “Angel,” he said hoarsely. “Just say you want to kiss me.”


Ruinous by obaewankenope (rexthranduil) - 1,692 words - M - Wing!kink, Sex, Praise Kink

Aziraphale’s wings are nothing like Crowley’s. They’re much smoother, less textured by roughness and a ten-thousand feet free-fall into boiling sulphur at the end. It doesn’t matter if Crowley fell eons ago, there is lingering, permanent damage to his wings. He cannot heal them from the damage and every moult that comes in bears scars that he cannot rid them of.


Observations - by Somedrunkpirate - 1,777 words - G - Missing Scene

The first time Crawly sees the angel, isn’t when they meet: he’s been watching, lurking and observing, like a proper demon ought to. When Aziraphale meets the demon, he’s seen Crawly before, as he is an ever presence in the Garden, the one the plants always warn him off.


listen (he’s already told you five times) by darcylindbergh - 1,891 words, M - Love Confessions, First Kiss, Fluff

Not everything Crowley says is said out loud. Aziraphale doesn’t always hear him at first, but he’s learning to stop being surprised.


About Face by Quandtuniverse - 2k words - G - Bodyswapped Cuddling

As they put Agnes Nutter’s final prophecy into action, Crowley and Aziraphale discover there is yet a new perspective to be gained about their relationship, 6000 years on.


Come up and see me (make me smile) by ineffably-effable (Daemonnisse)  - 2.8k words - G - Role Reversal

Aziraphale isn’t what Crowley expected.


Four times Crowley fails to cope with Aziraphale using a pet name (and One time he starts to get used to it) by TheLadyZephyr - 3k - G - Fluff

Six thousand years’ worth of countless iterations of ‘you go too fast for me’ have left Crowley utterly unprepared in the face of Aziraphale’s unguarded affection.


The Eyes Have It by MsThunderFrost - 3k words - T - Romantic Fluff - First Kiss

In which Aziraphale has been hopelessly in love with Crowley for six millenia, and it takes the almost-Apocalypse for him to realize it. Aka… Aziraphale really likes Crowley’s eyes.


Shall I Stay (Would It Be A Sin?) by WinterSky101 - 3.6k words - T - Touch Starved, Missing Scene

The Apocalypse has been averted, Aziraphale’s bookstore has been destroyed, and he can’t see any harm in going to Crowley’s for the night, not anymore.


good for the soul by singingtomysoul - 3.6k words - M - Getting Together

Aziraphale doesn’t feel guilty, for once, but has some things to confess.

Crowley doesn’t think he has guilt, and doesn’t plan to confess anything. On both counts, he’s wrong.


get religion quick (cause you’re looking divine) by brinnanza -  4k words - G - Post Canon - Misunderstandings

So it was fine. Even if Crowley couldn’t love him, he clearly liked him well enough, and that was almost the same thing.

It no doubt would have continued to be fine, or at least fine-adjacent, were it not for a narrowly averted apocalypse and several bottles of a really quite nice Riesling Aziraphale had found in the back room of his newly restored bookshop.


Any Other Name by mostlyanything19 (halfanapple) - 5k words - T - Idiots to Lovers

What if Aziraphale’s name was originally “Aziraphael”, in keeping with the conventional spelling and pronunciation of other angel names, but because of its divine nature, Crowley is physically unable to say it out loud.


On The Matter of Touch - by Somedrunkpirate - 9k words - Pining, Touch-Starved

For two ineffable husbands, they don’t really touch each other much. Here is a story on why that might be.


and, so on - by PaintedVanilla - 9k words - M - Post Canon, Sex, Past Lives

Crowley doesn’t remember heaven, but Aziraphale remembers him.


Slow by write_away - 9k words - T - Slow Burn, Pining, Anxiety Attacks

It started like this: A boy with the ability to warp reality met an angel and a demon and he made assumptions.

You might say it started like this: An angel and a demon found a marriage contract hung on the wall of the angel’s bookshop. They didn’t question it.

It also could have started like this: Once upon a time, the angel told the demon he went too fast. The demon took it to heart.


Wherever You Are, I’ll Come To You - by tickety-boo - 11k - T - Fallen!Aziraphale

“Are you alright? What’s all this about then?”

“Ah. Well. I might have slipped.”


“Took a bit of a tumble, I’m afraid,” Aziraphale said. “But, well. What’s done is done.”


small infinities and all that by JustStandingHere - 13k words - M - Bittersweet Aging, Slow Burn, Sex

Crowley and Aziraphale are turned human. This is the aftermath.


♥  ♥ It’s Getting Hard, This Holding Back - by ZehWulf - 13k words - T - Humour, Touch-Starved, Fluff, Petting

6,000-odd years is a long time to evolve a romantic relationship, but as a near-immortal being, Crowley had patience. True, they had lost momentum right around reaching the Speaking Looks and Meaningful Gestures stage, but at the time Crowley had been more or less content to let things idle.

Now, he was determined to shift things back into gear, and that gear was Explicitly Romantic Physical Expressions of Affection.


❖  The 21st Century, In Which They Finally Work It Out by chaya - 22k words - E - Slow Burn, Sex / First Time

This is light speed in comparison to the last few centuries of their relationship, but Crowley is barely holding on to his patience.