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01 January 2020 @ 04:26 pm
Hi! Thanks for dropping by my LJ!
If you are here for my FANFIC, here's a little master list for you! I'm currently working at updating my livejournal, so there'll be more of my fics added from FFnet and AO3 every few days. It's been a few years! Thanks for sticking with me.

---TEEN WOLF---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


(old WIP) Of Honour, Power, and Wolves - Sterek - M


Waking Up To You - Steter - T - Romance/Angst

No, Seriously - Steter - T - PreSlash

Posturing - Steter - T - PreSlash

I Dare You - Steter - M - Creepy!Peter, PreSlash(?)

IKEA - Sterek - PG - PreSlash

Cover of a Magazine - Sterek - PG13 - PreSlash

Cosplay - Sterek - PG - PreSlash

Just a Baby - Sterek - PG - PreSlash

Derek Doth Protest - Sterek - PG - PreSlash

After The Fact - Sterek - T - PreSlash, H/C

It's Not Bestiality - Sterek - M - Ridiculous

Christmas - Sterek - G - Established



What If They Didn't Kiss? - Klaine - PG - Romance

Man's Best Friend - AU Klaine (pet!blaine) - NC17 - Romance / Angst

Why I Feel This Way - AU Klaine (pet!blaine) - R - Romance / Angst

The Lonely Warbler - AU Klaine (wing!blaine) - R - Romance / SciFi / Angst

Number Twenty - Kurtbastian - R - Romance / Humor

(old WIP) Flawed Design - Kurtcedes - PG13 (for now) - Romance / Angst / Humor

(old WIP) Figure Study #23 - Puckurt - R - Romance / Drama / Angst

(old WIP) A Brand New Life - AU Klaine (kitty!kurt) - R(?) - Romance / Angst


Changing of the Weather - Klaine - G - Romance / Fluff

The Mouse Encounter - Klaine - PG - Romance / Fluff / Humor

Back Massages, The Bachelorette & Polo - Klaine - PG13 - Romance / Fluff / Humor

Jealousy - Klaine - PG13 - Romance

I Think We're Alone Now - Klaine - PG13 - SciFi / Romance / Angst

The Lima Bean Incident - Klaine, Sebastian - PG - Angst / Friendship / Romance

Anniversary - Klaine - PG - Romance / Humor

Nurse Kurt - Klaine - PG - AU / Romance

Skank!Kurt - possible Klaine - PG - AU / General

Five Senses of Freedom - Blaine - PG - AU / General

The One With Mermaid Angst - SeBlaine / Klaine - G - AU / Disney Crossover

MEOW! - Klaine - NC-17 - Smut

Kurt's Crush - Kurtbastian / Kurtcedes - PG - Unrequited 'Romance'

Touch - Klaine - R - PWP / Smut

Under the Moon - Klaine - PG-13 - AU / Supernatural

The Art of Breaking - Klaine - PG-13/R(?) - Angst / Canon Compliant

New York Reunions - Puckurt - PG - PreSlash

Infomercials - Puckurt - PG13 - PreSlash

An Honest Mistake - Puckurt - M - PreSlash(?) / Almost Slash

**My pet!blaine stories are all tagged with pet!blaine and I have a special masterlist HERE.


3am - Cherik (Xmen) - PG13 - PreSlash

Should Be Fun - Truce (Avengers) - PG13 - PreSlash


You can find more of my writings on FFnet and AO3.
If you are looking for other fanfics to read, check out my Fanfic Recs.
11 December 2016 @ 08:25 am
Title: Christmas
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles / Derek
Rating: G
Word Count: 613
Summary: Derek and Stiles' first Christmas together, everyone warns Derek that Stiles will probably go overboard on buying him Christmas presents.

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30 September 2016 @ 11:50 am
30 September 2016 @ 10:41 am
Dearest Yuletide Writer,

HAPPY YULETIDE! Thank you in advance for writing my request! This is only my second year participating in Yuletide and I am super excited to be doing this again!  I hope that you'll enjoy writing my request and will feel free to let your creative juices flow.

In general, my likes would be mostly canon & canon-divergent fic, but I also have come to love AU fics (even outrageously AU) as long as the characters still feel like the same canon characters and respond to these new situations like we'd imagine they would. I adore in-character witty/sassy banter. Some slash tropes that will get my love every time are Fake/Pretend Relationship, Necessary Fake Marriage (like for inheritence or citizenship or something), Royal Arranged Marriage, Seemingly Unrequited Pining / Mutual Pining, Roommates, Hurt/Comfort, and I'm rather notorious for my guilty pleasure of animal transformation crack fics. I find that certain tropes and AUs lend themselves better to certain pairings than others.  It is really up to you as to where you want to go with the characters you're writing! I'm just excited to have more content on AO3 featuring these fandoms/characters and I will be so glad to get to read what you write.

I`m not a fan of reading stories that have been written in first or second person pov and have very rarely actually enjoyed reading fics that tell the story mostly through character journal entries or text messages or what-have-you. While 99% of the fics I read are romance, I`m not huge into PWP and smut for smut`s sake. I enjoy sexy scenes, absolutely! I`m just more invested if the story puts effort into developing characters, relationships, plot, and feelings. Please do not include anyting with non/dub con, bdsm, mpreg, gender swap, incest, unfaithfulness, underage, sex toys, orgies, or hard kinks.
Most importantly, though, I suffer from depression, anxiety, and am recovering from severe emetophobia, so I would really, really, really prefer no sick fic where there is any sort of throwing up involved. Please, just say no to puking.

Beyond the puking and hard kinks, I'm actually really open to all sorts of fic! Go crazy! I love both deep, thoughtful, drama type fic as well as cracky, hilarious, fluffy, light-hearted, fun fic. I'm all about romcom fic, but I also love that angsty, hurt/comfort stuff!



  • Marco Polo

  • Victor Frankenstein RPF

  • Touch of Pink

vomitting, pwp, non/dub con, bdsm, mpreg, gender swap, incest, unfaithfulness, underage, sex toys, orgies, or hard kinks


Marco Polo

Ship: Marco Polo x Prince Jingim and/or Marco Polo x Byamba

So, I have requestd Prince Jingim, Marco Polo, and Byamba for this, however you do not have to use all three characters. I'd like Marco Polo x Byamba or Marco Polo x Prince Jingim or a partially poly relationship where Byamba and Jingim share Marco. I`m not really interested in a Byamba x Prince Jingim pairing, however.

It was Episode 5 of Season 1 when I began shipping Marco Polo and Byamba. They go off to search for these Hashshashin-trained assassins and become friends on the road. He even negotiates for Byamba`s life at one point. Then, near the end of the episode Byamba and Marco are laying around the campfire one night during their trip back. Byamba tells Marco to run back to Italy instead of return with him and Marco is all `you want me to go... i thought we were frieeends` and Byamba is all `I just fear for you safety`. Maybe in a great feat of canon divergence you could write how it is on other outings like this where their friendship continues to grow, but into something more. Perhaps they are both afraid to breech the platonic at first (yay, mutual pining and UST!) not knowing how the other may react, but they get there at some point.  They had each other's backs throughout both seasons and I was happy it was Byamba who was with Marco when he took his father hostage near the end there. So yeah, I just love seeing Byamba and Marco's relationship grow as they worked together, loved seeing them interact whenever they were in a scene together. I would love to see that furthered. This world they live in is so severe and harsh, if they can find something joyful and tender in each other, if they can find in each other a deep trust, that would make everything else a little easier.

Now, I must admit, I didn`t like Jingim at first. I was worried by him... irritated by him at times, even. The great thing about Jingim is the wonderful character development he went through in the two season of Marco Polo we`ve seen so far. You could really see the changes and come to understand and appreciate the dynamics of this character. When Marco was imprisioned by Kublai and sentenced to death after their failure Xiangyang and Jingim came to Marco and irritatingly told him that story about his first hunt and tried to give him back his necklace, I began to wonder about where their relationship may go. The day Jingim went from hating Marco to actually appreciating him was truly a wonderful day. When Marco looks down on injured Jingim after battle with that fond worry and tells him he will tell Kublai proud things about Jingim in battle and Jingim calls him brother... augh, I just had to bite my fist. Beautiful. That was around the same time I truly started to love Jingim. Their relationship really grows from there and it is wonderful to watch, but also stressful. Jingim marrying Kokachin and Marco`s relationship with her.. well, that worried me. So much. For whatever fic you write, I`d much rather not have her be part of some love triangle with them.

So, for the fic, I'd prefer something canon divergent over something completely AU. You could have their relationship (whichever pairing you plan to do) be super secret or you could have it be a bit more open (if you do the semi-poly where Marco is with both, please make sure all three are aware of it -- Marco isn't cheating), whatever feels right for that situation and time period. Write what you fancy... Established relatonship is fantastic (although I am a sucker for new relationships and first times). Realizing their feelings is fantastic. Hot sexy times are fantastic!! Awkward fluff is fantastic! If you can do it all, that's fantastic. No sex, but plenty of tenderness is fan-fricken-tastic! Whatever you do, I would love a lot of emphasis on feelings and the characters. Thank you!!


Victor Frankenstein RPF

James McAvoy x Daniel Radcliffe (Radavoy)

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe is a pairing I never knew I needed until I found out they were starring in Victor Frankenstein last year. Their San Diego Comic Con panel in 2015 solidified that RPF ship in my mind. I requested them for Yuletide last year and received a lovely little fic. However, my thirst for Radavoy is one that will never be quenched!! So, I must have moooore. I have a lot of differen prompt ideas and little plot-bunnies pop into my mind constantly. I`d be happy to read whatever you decide to write, but if you need any ideas, I have a bunch written out below. The only thing is... Anne-Marie Duff.  Anne-Marie Duff is a treasure and I'm not down with making her some sort of hated character. Personally, I`d prefer if you either just completely ignored James` history with her when you write this fic, or else had it be a part of his history and a non-issue for his present. As for story ideas, I'm down for something about their time on set or their friendship afterward or something completely AU.

Some ideas are... Daniel is a steeplechase jockey and James is either the owner of the horse Daniel rides who secretly lusts after him. Or they are both successful steeplechase jockeys from opposing stables and are set to go head to head in an epic race, but all that competitiveness and animosity turns to a romp in the straw before the big race --but, now there's the issue that they've fallen in love with each other and don't know the other feels the same. Or an AU where Daniel is a ballet dancer who gets injured and James is his physical therapist. Or an AU where Daniel is new to the city for work/university/something and feels super lonely/isolated so joins a local amateur improv/acting/drama club run by James.

Or something a touch closer to reality where Daniel and James are the celebrities they are and, instead of meeting on the set of Victor Frankenstein, they meet on this next big reality tv show where some Bear Gryllis type guys take a group of celebrities on some roughing-it pack trip through the wilderness for charity. James and Dan are two of the celebs ropes into it (maybe there's an assortment of celebs, like big Hollywood names, famous singers/rappers/rockstars, famous athletes, etc.) They are set to dog sled, snow shoe, hike, rock climb, etc, their way through some wintery arctic hell in Canada or Alaska or Greenland or somewhere. They bond really well and have this epic bromance and also UST on the show, but it is only after they return to their homes and miss each other that they realize they need to be together.

Maybe something on set of Victor Frankenstein... Where Daniel is so excited/scared to work with James because he has this crush on the actor and then, when they meet, the crush only grows. The worst part for Daniel is that James seems to have no personal boundaries and is always up in his space. Or like James has gotten strangely possessive and protective of Daniel through their working together on the movie and it gets to the point where people are noticing and teasing him for it. Finally, James realizes the reason he feels this way about Daniel is because his appreciation of Daniel isn't purely platonic and WHOA what is he gonna do about it!? How about something cute with cuddles where James (or Daniel) hasn't been sleeping well and keeps randomly falling asleep during breaks on set. At first it is just the running joke on set that James (or Daniel) is always sleeping somewhere, but then Daniel (or James) begings to get worried for James (or Daniel). One day when James (or Daniel) is looking particularly tired, Daniel (or James) strongarms him back to his trailer for a nap and lays with him so he will actually stay there to sleep. This becomes a thing... them taking naps together. They both love it. Cuddling and feelings ensue.

So, there's a lot of ideas there... hopefully they get your creative juices flowing. Honestly, you could do any of them or I'd be just as happy if you go a completely different route. I love the Fake Relationship cliche, maybe you could go that route... IDK, anything, anything, as long as they are written as good and lovely guys and neither is made out to be any sort of villain.

Touch of Pink

Alim x Giles

I adore this movie so much and feel like more people need to know about it!! So, if you offered this movie because you are also a fan; YAY! Fellow Fan! Huzzah!, or if you offered it on a whim and had to watch it for Yule; Thank you, I hope you loved it! I requested this last year, but didn`t receive anything. I`m really surprised there isn`t more support for this movie online. It is beautiful.

These guys are so flawed, but so beautiful. I'd really like to have some insight into their lives post-movie. I would love some future-fic that picks up some time after the movie took place... maybe directly after, maybe months after, maybe even a year after. I'd love to see more of Alim and Giles and their relationship growing and getting even better. I'd love to see more of Alim's mom because she is a treasure. I just adore her! I'd be happy to see more of Delia, too!

I`d be happy with a short little fic that serves as a window into their current lives; something fluffy or fun. Or, I`d love a longer fic with a new plot/problem for Alim and Giles to encounter and get through together... either way, I just need more of Touch of Pink in my life. Feel free to throw any other canon characters or original characters in there, too. If you write this fic for me, you will make my dreeeeams come truuuue. Thank you, my little mimosa!


If you`ve read this far; Congratulations, you`re almost done! I apologize for being so long-winded! Thanks again for offering one of these fandoms and I hope you are happy to have been assigned to me. I look forward to reading what you write and meeting you in January.

I hope you have a fun and creative Yuletide season!

Thank you!


17 January 2016 @ 12:28 am
I might try writing ALIM/GILES playing Truth or Bare via text... or maybe I'll wait all the way until next Yuletide and prompt it..  but like people probably won't write it... maybe I should just try... AHHH..
20 December 2015 @ 11:14 am
Title: It's Not Beastiality... Just Really Authentic DoggyStyle
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles / Derek
Rating: M
Word Count: 1000
Summary: Derek hadn't left, he had gotten trapped in wolf form. Now, five years later, Stiles and he are reunited.

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Original posted Here
20 December 2015 @ 10:48 am
Title: After the Fact
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles / Derek
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1120
Summary: Derek has just slain a big bad. He feels horrible.

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Original posted here
13 December 2015 @ 10:22 am
Title: Derek Doth Protest
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles / Derek
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 732
Summary: Derek is stuck babysitting

PROMPT: After some sort of altercation with a magical baddie, Stiles is completely loopy and out-of-his-mind. They can't take him home or his dad'll find out and worry, so Derek is elected to babysit.

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13 December 2015 @ 10:07 am
Title: An Honest mistake
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt & Puck
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 3319
Summary: Kurt gets a surprise at a costume party

PROMPT: Puck being interested in Kurt while under the impression he's a chick

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01 December 2015 @ 11:13 pm
Title: I Dare You
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles / Peter
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 825
Summary: Peter is a total creeper and he wants Stiles.  Warning for Peter and his dubious creepiness.

PROMPT: "Mate, you say you ship steter, but I have yet to see you write them. Your AO3 is suspiciously devoid of Steter writings. I feel the need to call bullshit." - anon

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